Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well, blogging friends...we're still alive and kicking despite everything! Thank God for that. We've had so much happening the past four weeks that I didn't even realize it had been four weeks since I posted last! YIKES! My camera batteries have been dead for a while and I don't have any new pictures of anybody...including our newest family member!

Pappy and Gammy got the kids an Easter puppy. The first name Kari decided on was Bill. Then she decided it would be Pluto. But she finally listened to reason and we settled on Buddy. It's a beautiful Lassie Collie and Kari is in love with him and he is with her too! Buddy follows Kari around and watches her every move. I think we're actually going to have to buy a carseat for him since we can't go anywhere without him. He's getting a little stinky now since he's been in his little kennel so that will stop any traveling with him for a while! Malachi isn't too sure about him but I'm sure they'll warm up to each other eventually.

We've had several rounds of strep throat, stomach virus, and the flu go through our little family. While I was laying in the bed with strep throat and Matthew was laying beside me with the flu, I thought about how funny life is sometimes. When Matthew and I were dating and first married, romance seemed to include only flowers, romantic dates at nice restaurants, time alone with nobody else around staring into each other's eyes(ha ha) my view is just a tad bit different. Not that those romantic items aren't still part of our marriage because they are at times. But while we were laying side by side so sick, Matthew reached over and got my hand and said "I love you, baby. I'm sorry you're so sick."

I know, I know! You all are thinking that I'm getting mushy here but since most of you know our story, you can appreciate just how much of a blessing it is to be able to be sick TOGETHER. LOL!!! It seems that, physically and other ways, we have battled harder in the past month than we ever have. Our transmission is even going out in our family vehicle! But in the midst of it all, God has reminded me how blessed we really are.

Matthew and I talk sometimes about living on a farm with a few horses, a few head of cattle, some chickens and all kinds of land to raise our kids on. We talk about Matthew eventually having a good enough job that I could stay home with the kids and be an awesome homeschooling mommy. :) We talk about being able to take our kids on fun vacations and trips throughout the year to give them memories they'll never forget.

BUT. We have so much to be thankful for that none of that matters. Our kids may never know what it's like to live on a big farm and be country-fied farm kids, they may never see every state in the USA and have big vacations, they may never know what it's like to have their mommy at home everyday. But they'll know a mommy and daddy that are dedicated to the the Lord and His work, a mommy and a daddy that love each other and love them more than anything in the world, and a home that isn't fancy but filled with God's peace and love.

Tonight, I laid the kids in bed and laid down beside them to hold their hands for a few minutes. I started singing to them and it wasn't long before they were sound asleep. I had to cry at the thought of how God has blessed us! We're so undeserving of it but God, in his great mercy, took a mess and cleaned it up COMPLETELY. I know eventually you all may get tired of me bringing it up but it is such a testimony to the power of God that I can't help but share it!

That's about it for a catch up on our lives for the past four weeks. I will try my best to do better with updating and the next time I hope to have pictures. If I can have enough mind to remember to buy batteries.