Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Rough Week For Kari

Kari is in the hospital again struggling with fever. Sis. Ashlee took her in about 3:00 AM Tuesday morning and her fever has pretty much be raging since then. This is the latest text from Sis. Ashlee this morning. (Friday)
There's not really been any change since yesterday. She's still running fevers around the clock and we are seeing that the Tylenol isn't helping at times. We had to use ice packs around 1:00 am to bring it down since it had only been 2 hours since her last dose of Tylenol. They stopped the flu meds because all the tests so far are negative. They are saying it's a bad virus?! Her counts are staying good although platelets have dropped quite a bit, which is to be expected. As long as her counts are good, nobody is too concerned about the virus. It should run its course eventually. Please pray for fevers to go away!
Would you please pray for little Kari, her mother and her brother and the whole family? They need the strength of God right now and we know that God is able to help them. Let's band together, folks and believe God for a miracle!

Davy Boggs

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