Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Small Update

Hi, everyone! I have missed y'all sooo much! I feel like I have a mouthful of stuff to update you on and to tell you about and about 3 dozen pictures to upload but there's no time right now.

So....I'm going to sign off today with a PROMISE (I'll keep it this time) to update either at the end of the week or this weekend. I have some news and a prayer request and then another piece of news.

Love y'all,

Ash :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Confessions and Other Things

Okay....let me first get the Confessions of a Mom Monday (on Tuesday) out of the way first because I have a goodun.

1. I did not let my kids sit outside on the grass while the baby kittens were eating scrambled eggs that I fixed them. The kids did not eat the eggs along with the baby kittens.
Oh, yes I did and oh, yes they did. Can you top that one for UGH??
The baby kittens were so hungry and I was out of cat food. I thought that the kids would enjoy watching the kittens eat. Wrong.

So, anyway. Moving on.
Sunday evening when I got home from church I was going to switch the laundry around and put another load on. When I opened the washer lid it was full of water and it was deader than 4:00. I immediately started praying that God would help me to figure out what was going on with it and that if it was something major that He would just heal my washer. Don't laugh at me. It works. I called my mom and told her to pray because we all know that a single parent living on a single income can't afford to go out and just buy a new washing machine. While we were STILL ON THE PHONE, the washing machine just started up and has worked fine ever since. How's that for answered prayer??? Thank ya, Jesus!
Bad news is that my laptop is messed up and I have to send it back to HP for them to fix the "motherboard." What in the devil?

Now that my laptop is gone for several weeks, who knows how it will go for me to update? It looks like I'll be able to update here at work sometimes so maybe that will work!!

Have a blessed day and we'll see you Friday for What I'm Loving! MameyJane, do you know how to do the linky thing? Cuz I like that idea but I have no idea how to do it!


Friday, October 1, 2010

What I'm Loving Friday!!

Happy Friday, everybody!!!
I think everyone should be proud of me that this is three days in a row that I've posted on my blog!! Yay for me!!

1. I'm loving that the weather is beautiful today! Perfect temperature although I'll admit that I wanted to wear my Farmers National Bank sweatshirt today and it was too hot. In March I'll be saying "I'm not wearing the stupid sweatshirt again!" but for now, I'm excited about fall/winter clothes!

2. Speaking of clothes...this is my current fashion that I'm loving to laugh at! I mean, really.

3. I'm loving this coat and this coat and this coat. Aren't they terrific?

4. I'm loving that tomorrow me and MIL are having a yard sale. Oh, I'm actually exaggerating because I despise having yard sales. Seriously. But we need vacation money so we're getting desperate.

5. I'm loving brown and pink giraffe print for Kari's room. Only one small problem...I can't find anything for little girls' bedrooms in brown and pink giraffe print. I'm so aggravated!! Any ideas?

6. I'm loving that in 5 weeks we're leaving for TN! I know some people think that TN is boring and that if you've been once you've seen it all but I beg to differ. It's all in personal preference. The beach really isn't my scene. Especially considering our last beach vacation adventure. Kari is so excited because her and Pappy are riding the helicopter. She even told Pappy this morning that it was 5 weeks until we leave for TN so we are all counting down. We are very excited about this trip and it is much needed, let me tell ya!

7. I'm loving that next week is Bond campmeeting. I'm praying for awesome services and getting to see some much loved friends that I only see once a year. Like Davy, Kelly and Odie!!! I just pray that Kelly leaves her "critters" in the BoggsMobile.

8. I love the Lord and my babies and my family and my home and my new car (which I've yet to post a picture of) and my job and everything that the Lord has blessed me with. I even thank Him for the tests and trials because I know that it's through the tests and trials that we're made perfect in Him. There's an awesome song by Mercy Me called Bring The Rain. One part of the song says:

And I know they'll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that's what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain

Well, I think that's enough stuff that I'm loving. I really could go on and on because I love so many things. It is with a grateful heart that I sign off today. Not because I have 100's of dollars in the bank or live in the nicest house or neighborhood or drive a brand new car (although I'm THRILLED with my "new" car)or because everything in my life is so wonderful and neat and orderly. It's because I know that God is faithful to me. He's been faithful to bring me this far and He'll continue to be faithful. How can I say this with such assurance? Because the Bible say Jesus is the the same yesterday, today and forever.

That, my friends, is something we can surely count on in this life when the world around us is shifting sand!!! (How did I switch to preaching so fast? LOL)