Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Small Update

Hi, everyone! I have missed y'all sooo much! I feel like I have a mouthful of stuff to update you on and to tell you about and about 3 dozen pictures to upload but there's no time right now.

So....I'm going to sign off today with a PROMISE (I'll keep it this time) to update either at the end of the week or this weekend. I have some news and a prayer request and then another piece of news.

Love y'all,

Ash :)


  1. Love you Ashlee Bowles :) BIG SMILE from me-ce to you-ce

  2. Hurry back Ashlee, I miss you. I am having Ashlee blog withdrawals. LOL

    Love ya,
    Alesia Anderson

  3. Guess what?? You didn't come back like you said...you're gonna get a whippin'!!! :)


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