Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Confessions and Other Things

Okay....let me first get the Confessions of a Mom Monday (on Tuesday) out of the way first because I have a goodun.

1. I did not let my kids sit outside on the grass while the baby kittens were eating scrambled eggs that I fixed them. The kids did not eat the eggs along with the baby kittens.
Oh, yes I did and oh, yes they did. Can you top that one for UGH??
The baby kittens were so hungry and I was out of cat food. I thought that the kids would enjoy watching the kittens eat. Wrong.

So, anyway. Moving on.
Sunday evening when I got home from church I was going to switch the laundry around and put another load on. When I opened the washer lid it was full of water and it was deader than 4:00. I immediately started praying that God would help me to figure out what was going on with it and that if it was something major that He would just heal my washer. Don't laugh at me. It works. I called my mom and told her to pray because we all know that a single parent living on a single income can't afford to go out and just buy a new washing machine. While we were STILL ON THE PHONE, the washing machine just started up and has worked fine ever since. How's that for answered prayer??? Thank ya, Jesus!
Bad news is that my laptop is messed up and I have to send it back to HP for them to fix the "motherboard." What in the devil?

Now that my laptop is gone for several weeks, who knows how it will go for me to update? It looks like I'll be able to update here at work sometimes so maybe that will work!!

Have a blessed day and we'll see you Friday for What I'm Loving! MameyJane, do you know how to do the linky thing? Cuz I like that idea but I have no idea how to do it!



  1. That is so hilarious about the kittens! I'm glad your washer was healed!:) I think it must be computer mess up season! Mine has been acting crazy this week!

  2. If you are adding a post from your dashboard there are 2 ways to add links. 1 You can make your tilte a link by typing the URL in the box below your title in the box called "link" 2. If the link is in the body of the blog click on the chain icon near the font icons. You may have to type the URL then highlight it and then click the chain icon. Does that help with what you were wanting to do?

  3. I'm so glad God healed your washer!

  4. Hey girlie! I laughed at your egg story! It's totally ok that they ate eggs with the kittens :) At least it was eggs and not cat food! LOL

    If you want to do a McLinky then go here: http://www.mcklinky.com/. That should be what you need to make it work!

  5. Ash, you are so sunny!!! I didn't get to read this post until now....I felt like you were telling those stories in person!!


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