Thursday, November 8, 2012


Looking back over the past few months, I can truly say that God has been with our family!  My heart is a little overwhelmed tonight with thankfulness to the Lord for being so merciful and gracious to us. 

Kari's last stay in the hospital was very rough.  I won't sugar coat was a long 8 days that we struggled through.  Thank God her counts were good though and are holding steady still!  She has good days and bad days, which is to be expected with this sickness.  But we've had more good days than bad since her last hospital visit and for that, we're so thankful!

I have some news to share.  The kids and I will be relocating to Alabama in a few weeks!  Details will come at some point along the way.  In the coming weeks and months I'll also share what great and wonderful things God is doing for us. 

Thanks so much for your prayers and support.  You all mean so much to us!  We love you!

(I had lots of pictures to add to this post but Blogger is being crazy.  Hope to add more on the next post.)


Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Rough Week For Kari

Kari is in the hospital again struggling with fever. Sis. Ashlee took her in about 3:00 AM Tuesday morning and her fever has pretty much be raging since then. This is the latest text from Sis. Ashlee this morning. (Friday)
There's not really been any change since yesterday. She's still running fevers around the clock and we are seeing that the Tylenol isn't helping at times. We had to use ice packs around 1:00 am to bring it down since it had only been 2 hours since her last dose of Tylenol. They stopped the flu meds because all the tests so far are negative. They are saying it's a bad virus?! Her counts are staying good although platelets have dropped quite a bit, which is to be expected. As long as her counts are good, nobody is too concerned about the virus. It should run its course eventually. Please pray for fevers to go away!
Would you please pray for little Kari, her mother and her brother and the whole family? They need the strength of God right now and we know that God is able to help them. Let's band together, folks and believe God for a miracle!

Davy Boggs

Pictures from Bond last week...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Galatians 6:2

Thank you, Bro. Davy, for posting for the past week or so for me.  You do an awesome job!  You're much better at keeping this blog up than me.

What an interesting past few weeks we've had!  Last week in the hospital was, quite frankly, one disaster after another.  By far, it was one of the worst weeks we've had since beginning this journey but God was faithful to bring us through.

I could do an entire post of the various events that took place during our hospital stay and the terrible time we had while there (although Kari always enjoys her nurses, doctors, and people that come to play with her in the hospital).  However, my heart is full of something else when I think about last week. 

Galatians 6:2 says this:  Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. 
This scripture came to my mind last week after some very tough days. Days when the only thing that got me through were the prayers of Godly people.  After one very tough night, my nerves were getting the best of me.  I sent a text to some friends who I knew would pray with me for calm and peace in the middle of the storm.  Not long after I sent the text, Ivy reminded me of Psalms 91.  I felt the peace start settling when I read the scripture.  About 15 minutes later, my friend, Anna, called and we had prayer together over the phone.  The Lord came by and I had an instant calm inside.  All week, there were those that lifted me up in prayer and those prayers held me together. If I wasn't before,  I'm convinced now that God's people are truly the BEST. 

It brought new meaning to Galatians 6:2.  When we couldn't hold ourselves heart overflows with thankfulness to the Lord for those friends and family who will go to God in earnest prayer that God might move on our behalf!

When we get under the load of someone else's burden and feel the pain and sorrow that they're facing, I personally believe that God will honor those prayers in a special way.

In Luke chapter 5, it talks about the sick man who was unable to get to Jesus.  It was his friends  who found a way to let him down through the roof that Jesus might touch him.  They had faith that Jesus could heal him and, when he couldn't carry himself to Jesus, they got under the load and carried him themselves.  We have been carried the past few weeks!

This precious boy, Chandler, from Virginia prays for Kari every night.  From Bro. Davy's previous post, you can see all of the other children that pray for Kari.  I've been told that there are so many kids that ask about Kari and keep up with how she's doing. God certainly honored their prayers last week when Kari was so sick.  God had his hand on her!

What a privilege for my kids and I to be friends with such prayer warriors.  Truly, God has blessed us with such an awesome support system.  My heart is full this morning.  Full of gratitude to my friends that have carried us.  Full of gratitude to God for not only moving for Kari and I last week, but for allowing us to have friends in this life. 

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Update - Back Home!

These pictures are responses to Kari's picture the other day.

Quick update:

Kari went home from the hospital on Saturday. She is weak and tired but eating and feeling pretty good. Her hair is continuing to fall out and they say that, although its not unheard of, it's rare to have hair loss in the maintenance phase of treatment. So I guess Kari fell into that small percentile of kids that continue to have hair loss.

She went to have her counts checked Monday and they are still not high enough for chemo to start back but they are significantly higher! PRAISE THE LORD!

Thanks so much for praying. Keep it up, please!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pray 4 Kari Noe

Kari made this sign herself a few minutes ago. You can tell by the look in her precious little eyes that she does not feel well this morning but she smiled just for you. Please Pray for Kari Noe!

Sis. Ashlee sent this earlier today....
"Kari was having tenderness in her belly yesterday so they did an x ray and an ultrasound to be sure nothing was going on. Things....moved (lol) last night and her belly feels much better. However, we are still having fevers and counts continue to drop. They still think this is a virus as there are several kids in here with similar symptoms. No explanations for the hair loss. Very very strange and we are asking God to just stop it. So as of now, it's a waiting game for her counts and fevers."

These pictures were taken during some of the better moments over the last few days. Leave Kari a comment and continue to pray!

...And some of the tougher moments...


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God, We Need You Now!

God, We Need You Now!

Update: Added Pictures HERE

That is the heart cry of Sis. Ashlee and everybody that is fervently praying for little Kari right now and we are asking that everybody join in that urgent Prayer.

Kari's fever spiked on Sunday so Sis. Ashlee took her to the hospital and they are still there. Her fever seems to be under control at times but her ANC counts are very low.

She has also had spells when she feels terrible and some of her hair is falling out. As of Wednesday evening they had no clue as to why it is coming out. It is pretty upsetting to Kari since she has already lost her hair twice.

Her fever spiked again Wednesday evening so we pray Oh God We Need You Now! Will you join us in this prayer for Kari?

Will you spread the word that prayer is needed now? Post this link every where? Send it out by email. Pray fervently!

It was a desperate father that brought his son to Jesus. That dad prayed passionately "If you can do anything have compassion on us and help us."

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

The dad replied, Lord I believe help thou my unbelief.

Lord I believe but when my baby's sick in the middle of the night...

Lord I believe but when it seems like we are all alone...

Lord I believe but sometimes the walls of life are closing in...

Lord I believe but all these things cause the doubt to creep in...

Lord I believe help thou my unbelief.

He professed his faith and confessed his doubt. And what was the result? The Lord healed his son.

His profession of faith was not disqualified by his confession of doubt!

Praise God!

You may say, "My faith is not perfect...

I am plagued with doubt...

My faith feels weak..."

Friend, it is not the quality of our faith!

It is not the quantity of our faith!

It is the Object of our faith!

Who do we believe in? We believe in God! We believe God is able! We believe God will do it!

That desperate dad brought his tormented son to Christ. He believed that God was able, even though he confessed his doubts.

The son went home Healed.

The father went home Happy.

And a family went home Whole!

Oh God we need you now And we believe you are going to give Kari and Ashlee a miracle. Calm the storm, Lord! Bring the counts up and smite the fever and the reason for it! Speak peace into their hearts and healing into Kari's body. We believe it in Jesus name.

Pray with us Saints of God.

Davy Boggs
- Updating you by Sis. Ashlee's request. She did not ask for the sermon. That is a bonus.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hospital Visit/Field Trip

Last Tuesday, Kari had to have a spinal, chemo, and also start a round of steroids.  All three of which are not fun but Kari usually does pretty well with it. 

HOWEVER.  It seems like on the days that I think we will breeze in and out of clinic and go about our merry way, we end up having a doozy.  That's exactly what we had last Tuesday and the 5 days following. 

Normally, Kari wakes up from her spinal, eats a snack, and then we go party at the mall.  During this particular spinal, they had to suction her nose and mouth which meant she didn't lay flat after the procedure.  They have never had to do this before and I'm still a little confused as to why they had to this time.  They explained why but it doesn't make sense that this was the first time she would have had to have it done in all the 50 times she's had a spinal.  Also, suctioning down her throat meant she had a terrible sore throat when she woke up and couldn't swallow.  On top of all that, her counts were so low that we were going home pretty much on house arrest. 

Long story short, Kari ended up with a spinal headache and severe sore throat.  The pain so severe that all she could do was lay in bed and try to drink hot tea.  By Sunday morning, we headed to the hospital for fluids and some stronger pain meds.  I think I've mentioned before that Kari loves going to the hospital.  The nurses love her and they give her all kinds of special attention.  I'll have to say, they do make it much easier to be there. 

Monday afternoon, Kari was up dancing with the clown and doing tricks and telling jokes.  Her doctor took one look at her and decided she could go home, especially after confirming that her counts recovered 1400 points in 7 days!  I know that God moved for Kari and I appreciate all of the prayers that were offered up for us during the last week! 

After being confined to the walls of our house all last week and being in the hospital, we decided to take a break and visit Memaw's house for a few days.  It has been a much needed and refreshing break!  We even met up with the homeschool group today and had so much fun with them!

Speaking of homeschooling, it's going terrific!  We've definitely had our moments, but altogether, the kids are doing great and I'm even liking it!  Ha! Who knew? (Heather and Sarah...I know you're saying "I told you so" right now. LOL)

Remember, the walk is September 22nd!  We would love to have you join us.  If you need more information, please email me at  Thank you for your prayers and support!  We love you!