Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God, We Need You Now!

God, We Need You Now!

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That is the heart cry of Sis. Ashlee and everybody that is fervently praying for little Kari right now and we are asking that everybody join in that urgent Prayer.

Kari's fever spiked on Sunday so Sis. Ashlee took her to the hospital and they are still there. Her fever seems to be under control at times but her ANC counts are very low.

She has also had spells when she feels terrible and some of her hair is falling out. As of Wednesday evening they had no clue as to why it is coming out. It is pretty upsetting to Kari since she has already lost her hair twice.

Her fever spiked again Wednesday evening so we pray Oh God We Need You Now! Will you join us in this prayer for Kari?

Will you spread the word that prayer is needed now? Post this link every where? Send it out by email. Pray fervently!

It was a desperate father that brought his son to Jesus. That dad prayed passionately "If you can do anything have compassion on us and help us."

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

The dad replied, Lord I believe help thou my unbelief.

Lord I believe but when my baby's sick in the middle of the night...

Lord I believe but when it seems like we are all alone...

Lord I believe but sometimes the walls of life are closing in...

Lord I believe but all these things cause the doubt to creep in...

Lord I believe help thou my unbelief.

He professed his faith and confessed his doubt. And what was the result? The Lord healed his son.

His profession of faith was not disqualified by his confession of doubt!

Praise God!

You may say, "My faith is not perfect...

I am plagued with doubt...

My faith feels weak..."

Friend, it is not the quality of our faith!

It is not the quantity of our faith!

It is the Object of our faith!

Who do we believe in? We believe in God! We believe God is able! We believe God will do it!

That desperate dad brought his tormented son to Christ. He believed that God was able, even though he confessed his doubts.

The son went home Healed.

The father went home Happy.

And a family went home Whole!

Oh God we need you now And we believe you are going to give Kari and Ashlee a miracle. Calm the storm, Lord! Bring the counts up and smite the fever and the reason for it! Speak peace into their hearts and healing into Kari's body. We believe it in Jesus name.

Pray with us Saints of God.

Davy Boggs
- Updating you by Sis. Ashlee's request. She did not ask for the sermon. That is a bonus.


  1. Love you Ashlee, Kari & Malachi!!! My prayers are with you!!


  2. We are praying!!!
    Sarah Collins

  3. Love you Ashlee and Kari! Praying for you all! -Brooke Jones

  4. Praying for Kari, Ashlee, and their family!!! ♥

    ~Lacey Smith

  5. Praying for Kari and her family.

  6. Praying! She is such a beautiful girl!

  7. Love you all and we been earnestly praying for you! Just keep us posted.....Praying in Alabama!


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