Friday, September 7, 2012

Pray 4 Kari Noe

Kari made this sign herself a few minutes ago. You can tell by the look in her precious little eyes that she does not feel well this morning but she smiled just for you. Please Pray for Kari Noe!

Sis. Ashlee sent this earlier today....
"Kari was having tenderness in her belly yesterday so they did an x ray and an ultrasound to be sure nothing was going on. Things....moved (lol) last night and her belly feels much better. However, we are still having fevers and counts continue to drop. They still think this is a virus as there are several kids in here with similar symptoms. No explanations for the hair loss. Very very strange and we are asking God to just stop it. So as of now, it's a waiting game for her counts and fevers."

These pictures were taken during some of the better moments over the last few days. Leave Kari a comment and continue to pray!

...And some of the tougher moments...



  1. Hi Kari
    I see your note up asking for prayer. I am praying for you for sure that you will feel better soon.

    I like the pictures of you and all the things you have done. Very nice.

    I see you have a big dolly so pretty like you.

    I see some pictures of you sleeping that will make you feel better soon.

    Sending you butterfly kisses. You ask Mommy to show you how I do that for you.

    Talk later.

  2. Hi Kari. This is Macey and Kyndall's nana. I am praying that God makes you feel better so you can come home and maybe they can come play with you. Love the pictures of you. Feel better soon love you. Trish

  3. Love that hat, my husband is a firefighter and it looks so good on you. Love seeing that special smile you always have. We will be praying for you and know you are always not far from our hearts and mind.

  4. Love ya Kari girl!!! Hang in there!!


  5. Still praying for you. Titus gets you and Heidi Jackson confused. He says, "Jesus, please help Kari Jackson and Heidi Noe, Amen.l Oh well, Jesus knows who he means. Get better soon!

  6. Hi Kari,
    I love all of the pictures of you! You look so good in each and every one of them. I especially like the picture of you with your baby doll. You look like a good mommy! I want you to know I always pray for you.
    Love Sister Carrie...mine and your name is the same! That is so neat!!

  7. Hey Kari. We just wanted you to know that we are praying for you and your family. We love you very much. You guys are very special to us. Morgan and Madison say hello and are praying for you.

  8. Hey Possum, this is Sissy. I see that you were taking good care of our mouse in the hospital. :) Glad he was good for you, he doesn't mind me much. I'm sorry your hair is still falling out, baby girl, and I hope it stops very very soon--but Sissy loves you the same, no matter what, and I can't wait to see you. I'm so very glad you are home now, I'm gonna try to come n visit you tomorrow[today??!! :)]. Love you much, Possum!!


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