Monday, May 3, 2010

Vacation Recap

First of all, I can't believe I'm BACK AT WORK already! Geez.

Okay, so first lesson learned on our trip to Florida: we're flying next time. No more road trips for us until my kids are teenagers.
Next lesson learned: well, flying takes care of that lesson too. Actually flying would have taken care of several issues we encountered on our trip.

Thanks to my aunt and uncle for allowing us to come stay with them. They are the sweetest people and did all they could to make our vacation wonderful!! I love them and miss them already.

So after Kari had the stomach virus the first two days of our trip and then I had the virus the next two days, we actually had a great time. We went swimming in the AWESOME pool and had a blast. We didn't really go anywhere else because after everybody got over being sick we didn't feel like doing anything but being lazy in the pool. We did go to the beach on Tuesday but it was so crowded there wasn't even a place to sit. We stayed for a while and got some good pictures but that's about it. Good thing I don't LOVE the beach.
Fast forward to Friday afternoon. Time to head back to Kentucky which made none of us happy!!! I went outside to the van to start loading luggage and decided to organize the front part of the van first so we wouldn't be squishy and have stuff everywhere which drives me nuts when I'm traveling.
ANYWAY, I started to the back seat and what was perched on the edge of Malachi's car seat staring at me? A stinkin' lizard. You all may or may not know that I'm absolutely terrified of anything reptile-ish. Snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles....they give me the willies. So I screamed to the top of my lungs and my mom and sister came running to see if I had passed out or something (because I had a little passing out spell while I was sick). When I told them it was a lizard they grabbed the broom and a shoe box to try to get the thing out. Now, please understand that we're in the middle of this big ritzy Beverly Hills-type community where people drive Mercedes' and BMW's and Hummers and the occasional Porsche and are retired at age 45. So picture all of our luggage being thrown out of the van into the driveway, my mom armed with a broom digging into the van and my sister with a shoe box trying to catch the lizard that my mom pokes out!! Hilarious, people!! Right in the middle of this madness, I notice Malachi is sitting in the driveway laughing and playing with a 7-up can. As I make my way over to him I realize that he's grabbed a can of 7-up and busted it on the concrete and was enjoying the nice little spray that was coming from it. ARGHGHGH!!!
But, friends, the madness didn't stop in Florida. We had a little run-in with a deer on the way home. The kids and I were having a peaceful drive home around midnight Saturday night. Malachi was asleep, Kari was about half asleep and I was enjoying the peace and quiet and looking forward to my bed. I saw the little menace beside the road and tried to slow down. The devil took off running full force and hit me in the driver's side door. I screamed which, of course, set Kari off. I'm pretty sure Malachi didn't budge. I turned around to see if any van parts were laying around. Kari started crying and saying "Mommy, I want to go home!! I am so tired and sleepy and I want to go to bed!" Bless her heart. She'd had enough. I was too scared to get out and look at my van so I traveled the last 10 minutes to our house and then looked. The side parking light thingy was dangling from some wires and my driver's side door was dented in. Kari kept asking if that deer was outside and was that deer gonna hit our van again....the poor child is traumatized.

We're home.
We're in one piece.
We're thankful that we have a running vehicle and that our home is still standing and not flooded. :)

I have to include this in here. Here are a few funny things we heard while on this trip:

"Mommy, pull over so I can squat!" This meant Kari was about to pee BAD.

"If I wasn't gonna hit it, but I was gonna hit it, then I would have hit it." This was said by my mother during a storm late at night while she was driving. She was very tired, obviously. I think my sister and I laughed at that for a good 15 minutes.

"I'm stuck!" This one has to be explained in person. It's absolutely hilarious.

Angel, as you can tell you don't have much to be jealous of!! LOL. Aside from staying at that beautiful house and taking advantage of that awesome pool, that is. :)


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  2. Ashley, this is HILARIOUS! I guess I just know ya so well and I can just see all this in action! LOL Im sittin here after a CRAZY day at work and this was just good for my soul! Love this post! Catch ya later...BTW, beautiful pics of you and the kids!

  3. You are too funny! I'm glad you all had a good time inspite of everything that tried to hinder! Love the pics! You and your children are beautiful!!!! Love you all so much N can't wait to see ya'll soon!!

  4. You've just given me a great laugh! Life with kids is the greatest, isn't it? I'm glad you had a good time! I loved all the pictures!

    I was hopin to see you all at Latasha's graduation, but I understood you all were prolly worn out!

  5. Ashlee,
    Thanks for the laugh! Glad your vacation turned out better than it began. I made sure to tell my Mom that you are afraid of lizards. LOL Watch her she may come after with one next time we see you!

  6. I totally know what you are talking about with all the hoity toity's in Naples...we went there when Lindsay got married. It doesn't even feel like the rest of America does it?!

    Well anyways your hilarious and your kids are gorgeous. I love your blog and Ape does too.

    Be careful of the deer tomorrow. hahaha

  7. I am so glad that the end was better than the are wonderful! The kids are gorgeous & so are you.

    I absolutely love reading your posts! They truly are the highlight of my day!


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