Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have just one question/thought for the day.

Why is it that when I'm at work, the time creeps by like a seven year itch? But when I'm at home we fix supper and then it's bedtime all in like, 30 minutes?
Example: I use half of my lunch break (which is an hour) to walk. That little span of time felt like it was hours today instead of a mere 30 minutes. But when I go home after work today, my few precious hours with the kiddos will fly by.

To that I say "ARGH!" (This is my current favorite emotion. I like the way it looks when I type it)

Has anyone else noticed this creeping by/flying by time thingy? Has anyone else thought at least once this week that you feel like your kids are growing up so fast and you don't have enough time to cherish every minute?
Can I say it one more time? ARGH!


  1. OH girl, I totally get this. 60 seconds feels like 60 minutes at work, but during the evening, it feels like the opposite. I feel like I've barely gotten home when it's time to give Chase a bath and get him to bed.... I'll throw in another ARGH for me and you both! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  2. are so funny. I can just hear you saying that. And I agree with you. Time with your kids does fly by. Most days it feels like I get up and it's time to go to bed two hours later.


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