Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Malachi's Checkup

Malachi had to have a check up yesterday with the dreaded immunizations!! Ugh. At least it was only one shot this time. The last time he had a check up, he had to have two shots and I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING.....the child didn't even flinch. I promise. He just laid there and looked at me like "okay, mom, can we go eat now?"
This time he did cry but he was fine after like 10 seconds. He did start running a fever around 9:00 and it lasted all night. It was cooling down when I dropped him off at Gammy's. Bless his heart (and mine), he didn't sleep well last night.

I really like Malachi's doctor.

Dr. Miller is a stickler that's for sure but he's very informative and actually takes time with us at each visit to listen to concerns or whatever and you don't get that with most doctors. Dana, the nurse, is awesome too!!

She was Kari's nurse and now she's Malachi's too. I love these people and they've been through a lot with my kids: Malachi's surgery and 2nd degree burns in January, Kari's broken collar bone in February, my nervousness around needles (which is so much better now), I could go on and on. They have truly became friends to me as well as most of the staff at that doctor's office. Am I just weird or what? It's like everywhere I go I make these friends that become like family to me. They watch my kids grow and they care about what's going on in my life, they cry with me, they laugh with me, they encourage me. How blessed can one person be? Despite the fact that a stinkin' lizard almost scared the life out of me and a deer beautified my already beautiful vehicle (ha ha! I really am thankful for my van, just trying to be funny) and my vacation was a near-disaster....I am so blessed, friends.
And for some odd reason, I am so emotional today. On Klove this morning they interviewed this 90 year old woman that got invited to a prom by her great-grandson. The whole time they interviewed her, I cried. It was so sweet. I cried after I dropped my kids off too because Kari cried this morning saying she wanted to stay at home and play.

So, moving on, I have all these new songs that I'm hearing on Klove and they are so so good. I used to hate klove because their songs were too beaty and weird to be called Christian music. But their music has changed over the past two years or so and I'm in love with these new songs:
1. Beautiful Beautiful by Francesca Battistelli...OMW! LOVE THIS SONG.
2. Love Has Come by Mark Shultz...This is a song that you can just get in a good mood listening to because it's about the hope of heaven.
3. Hold Us Together by Matt Maher...I've never liked anything by him before. But this song.....I turn the volume up and sing loud!!!
4. There Is A Way by New World daughter can sing this one. Love love to hear her sing it. She has this nasal way of saying "there is a way" that cracks me up.
5. On & On by Chasen...I'll admit that after I heard them sing live on the morning show that I don't like this song as much but it's still such a good one. They didn't quite cut it live like they did on the recorded version.
6. Something Beautiful by NEEDTOBREATHE...I didn't like this song until my sister in law showed me her rendition of it. LOL.
7. Safe by Phil Wickham
8. Follow You by Leeland and Brandon Heath...this is a song about going around the earth to spread the gospel and God's love. Makes you think.

Does anyone else listen to Klove? I know my sister in law, Lacey, does. We compare songs we've heard quite often. One that I just don't love and it's really popular right now is Power Of Your Love by Lincoln Brewster. It's got this music that makes me think of some kind of swing/polka dance or something. Do you all get that same impression or am I just strange?

Ummm...I'm not sure why I have such a weird post today. Sometimes I sit around and think of things that I want to write down and until I had this blog, I didn't have anybody to share it with. So I guess it's all pouring out of my brain now. I hope you all can keep up with my randomness and weirdness. :)

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  1. I love KLOVE as well! Francesca Batistelli's Beautiful, Beautiful has been my favorite for a few months now! I just love it. And I completely agree with Lincoln Brewster's song... I just can't take those songs serious when they have that crazy music going on, but that's just me! Love the pics!


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