Friday, May 21, 2010

Princess Kari at the Dentist

I've been psyching Kari up for a few weeks about the dentist hoping that she would be so excited that she would forget to be scared. It worked!!! She was so excited to see "Dr. Jeth" (Dr. Jeff)

and all the pretty ladies that work there that are so nice to her. This dentist office is the neatest place. They have a computer room for the kids to play in while they wait, all the walls are painted with an underwater theme and the chairs that they lay on to get their teeth cleaned are placed underneath TV's for the kids to watch while they're getting worked on. Of course, since we don't own a TV Kari could care less about that but it's probably neat for other kids.

The dental hygienist that Kari had this time was WONDERFUL!!! Kari loved her and so did I. Since Kari was the last patient, all the hygienists were sitting around talking to her and, of course, she turned on the charm and talked their legs off. She certainly doesn't get her motormouth from her mother. I mean, come on, you never know I'm around. :)
By the time she had told them what the toothbrush did, what the "sloss teeth" (floss) was for and how many prizes she needed out of the treasure chest she had them ALL hooked. There were approximately 8 people in the room talking to Little Miss Princess and she really was so cute sitting there.

Before we left she sang Amazing Grace, I Saw The Light and Twinkle Twinkle for them. I love this kid. :)


  1. Aww... She is too cute. If only I could get excited about the dentist:(

  2. She is absolutely...ADORABLY GORGEOUS!!!


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