Monday, May 24, 2010

Boring Weekend Bliss

We went to visit Memaw Friday after I got off work. We had such a boring weekend playing and relaxing that there really isn't much to say about it! I got a two hour nap with Malachi Saturday afternoon and that's pretty much the news of the weekend. :)
Pappy and Gammy got Kari a prize. She's in love with it and it's what she's been wanting so that she can be like Pappy.

Since I seem to be suffering from Blogger's Block today I'll just post a few pictures. That's going to be a lot more interesting than what I could find to ramble about. :)


  1. What little cuties! I love Kari's guitar... just precious! When all else fails, add pictures! haha

  2. I just love thoes boring weekends! Your kids are just soo cute and funny!

  3. I've been having major blogger's block! I feel like after I get Chase to bed I have so much to do and once I do all that, I just want to read what everyone else has been doing and then go to bed. ha! I'm a blog stalker lol.

    I've got to do better since this will be what I go back to after Chase is grown up to remember what it was like when he was still a baby!

    Kari and Malachi are such beauties! I can't wait to meet them!


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