Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Pictures (Day 4)

I have one question: Why is it that we must go to Cade's Cove EVERY time we visit TN? I mean, seriously. If you've seen one deer, you've definitely seen them all. I'll admit that the last time I was at Cade's Cove we saw 3 bears but that's so rare that it's just not worth it to me.

So, THREE HOURS found us at Cade's Cove. It rained. It sleeted. But still, we trucked on to see the 10 deer that were out in the rain. We also saw about 10 turkeys which made me anxious for Thanksgiving.

And I just have to add this in here: why do people set up tripods and have all these fancy cameras to take pictures of a deer? I'm thinking: I have these things scampering across my yard and one of them destroyed my headlight and scarred my child for life. Why do you want so many pictures of the same animal? Oh, well. I guess I'm just different.

I also have to add this: in answer to some of the comments, no I didn't ride the helicopter or the sky lift. I don't pay $30 for 1 minute of being in the air and I don't relish the thoughts of being in the air anyway. The sky lift is something I have NEVER ridden (rode?) without Matthew and it was either somebody keep the kids and me and Matthew ride or him take each of the kids on a ride. I sacrificially gave up my ride for my babies. I know....I'm such a good mother. LOL. Actually, I'm just not very brave.

Daddy and Kari also rode the go-carts together and Kari commented when I asked her if it was fun "Well, it was sun (fun) but I pwayed (prayed)." HAHAHAHAHA!!! I thought that was hilarious. Bless her heart...she has a lot of her mommy in her. She makes herself be brave.

Thank y'all for all the sweet comments you left on my post from this morning. Matthew and I both read them and it just made the day all the more sweet because we know we have people praying for us and rooting us on!!!

Love y'all!


  1. Oh, Kari, the go-karts are the only things that sounded exciting to your Sissy!!! I think I would bravely give up the helicopter rides and ski-lift for a dozen or so go-kart rides!!! Although Kari did look awfully natural with those pilot headphones on her head....maybe she'll be a pilot. Nope, can't let her do that. LOL. I'm such a wimp!!

  2. I love Kari's comment about the go-carts! That's funny. We used to go to Cades Cove every time too. lol I've only been about once in the past 7 years though. lol

  3. Love hearing what God is doing for my friends! Love y'all!!!


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