Friday, May 13, 2011

Summing It All Up

I've had trouble trying to post on my blog. This same little thing keeps hindering me every time I think I'll be able to post. This thing called TIME!! ARGH. Our life is a whirlwind right now. The only reason I have time to post now is because I've been sitting here with my sick daughter for two days. Yes, another sickness in our home. She has been running a very high temperature for 2 solid days now. Prayerfully, she's on the mend.

So, since my last post, Malachi turned two, we had Easter, we had Mother's Day. I'm a horrible mother because I'm not even dedicating an entire post to Malachi for his birthday like I did last year. Truthfully, the poor thing didn't even have the birthday party at Chuck E Cheese like I promised. But, it's coming for him. It just may be a month late. LOL! We did celebrate his birthday at Nanna's house on Easter. Lashei made him the cutest Elmo cake and he loved it!

Easter Sunday morning was quite the disaster. It POURED the bad that we couldn't even leave for church. We stood in the doorway in all of our Easter finery, waiting on a break in the rain so we could make a dead run to the vehicle. I was so excited about taking pictures of the kids that morning because they were GORGEOUS. But I took one pic and my batteries died. We got to church 20 minutes late and by the time church was over, the kids were not quite ready for pictures.

We also celebrated Mother's Day. I got to spend Mother's Day with my mommy and she has all the pictures on her camera. I will try to follow with those in another post which may be tomorrow or next month. Ha ha!!

Anyway, blogging friends, I hope all of you are doing great. I've slowly been getting updated on your lives. You should see a new comment on your posts from last week. LOL!
Love y'all and hope to post more pictures soon. :)


  1. I'm so glad you were able to post! I've been praying for Kari. Your kids (and you!) looked beautiful on Easter! See ya tomorrow!

  2. Hey Stranger! Oh how I have missed you!! I hope to hear more from you soon and see you BEFORE Jon and Tosh's wedding!

  3. We missed you during the L'ville trip! GLAD you finally posted! I've been missing reading about your exciting life! :) Love you!


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