Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Good News

I apologize for not updating before now! As you can see from the comments on my last post...I'm being harassed to post something! Ha ha!

We've had an interesting couple of weeks. We had a hospital stay this past Sunday night for another fever. We got home late Monday night. Kari is better, just more tired than normal. Her counts are up as well! Thank God!

In my last post I mentioned that I needed prayer for some things I was facing this month. Those things have come and gone and, thank God, He helped me through it! The battle isn't over but He's faithful to see us through each step of the way.

So, Kari has adopted a new coping skill for Clinic visits. She started taking her favorite teddy bear, Cinderella, to Clinic for check ups along with her. Dr. Greenwood and the nurses at Clinic are very good to take care of Cinderella. They even access her port and give her medicine when they do Kari's stuff.

Malachi has also taken to a teddy bear that he helps go to the potty.

We've had a few fun days out with friends. While we were at the mall playing, Kari met her friend Katelynn again and they had a GREAT time. Katelynn (I'm probably spelling your name wrong), thanks for being Kari's friend! She loves you!

For Valentine's Day, the kids and I decided to go out for dinner. After being in the hospital Sunday night and Monday, we rested all day then went to Reno's to eat. The kids were so good and looked quite smashing if I do say so myself! After dinner, we headed to Go Go Gorillas where the kids played for about two hours. Then to Baskin Robbins for ice cream! What a fun night!

EXCITING NEWS!!! The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society has chosen Kari to be their honored hero for 2012! We are so excited and grateful that they chose her. I'll be talking to some of you about getting involved with us this year for the walk and various other events. I think Farmers National Bank will be a great asset to our team. What do you think? Here's a picture of Kari and Jacky Space, the campaign manager for LLS.

She's such a sweetheart and I enjoyed our talk so much! Thanks, Jacky, for choosing our Princess!

On another positive note, I was updated last night on our friend, Heidi, in Alabama! She is now cancer free!! Way to go, Heidi!!

So, here we are...7 months into our Leukemia journey. We've had a few bumps along the way but God has been so very faithful to us. Kari will start MAINTENANCE next month. That is amazing! Also, her hair is growing back so fast that it seems to grow daily. She is so excited and we're hoping for enough hair for Easter to do a small bow instead of a hat. Kari is already looking for her Easter outfit and is excited about the prospect of picking out a bow to match.

As always, thank you for your support and continued prayer for us. We love you so much!


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. The story of Cinderella's port being accessed spoke directly to me; when I was a boy, my stuffed monkey Cuthbert was given the Anesthesia mask before I was, so I'd be less afraid. May the Lord bless & keep you all.

  2. Yay for the good news! Let me know if I can help in the walk you were talking about.

  3. Sounds like lots of great news for your family! We love Dr. G! Congratulations Keri on being chosen as the LLS Honored Hero! You are a beautiful little hero! Your teddy bear is pretty cute, too! :)

  4. Okay, okay, I was one of the ones doing the harassing, but I take pride in the fact I finally got you to do a post!! :) Anywho, I know she's doing some better, but little Possum's eyes look a little ruff to her Sissy[me :)]. I'm gonna have to see her soon so I can kiss n rub all over her head before she gets her long hair back(and starts "tewin" on it!!)!! I love and miss you guys much. Tell the Prince and Princess Sissy "wuvs" them too(as Duti says).

  5. Awe so glad to hear that Kari's doing better and was chosen to be LLS's Honored Hero...if anyone deserves it Kari does!! Love n Prayers

  6. This is such exciting news! So happy for you guys! God is so faithful! Love ya!


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