Thursday, February 17, 2011

Romantic Getaway...Day 1

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Matthew and I were celebrating our anniversary in Tennessee a few weeks after our anniversary. The trip has finally arrived!!! I left work early today, we dropped the kids off, and we headed out to Tennessee. We have been so excited about this trip, especially Matthew. He kept telling me I had a surprise waiting for me when we arrived.

Boy, was I surprised!!! I almost cried because of the sweetness of my husband. Just the fact that he thought of it by HIMSELF, was amazing to me. He definitely knows how to touch my heart.

I assure everyone that the bottle is grape juice only! LOL! I asked Matthew how he was able to have all this done before we got here. His answer: he talked to an old lady from the resort and told her he wanted to do something special for his wife. After describing what he wanted, that was all it took for her!

One funny thing today: you know the incident on Sunday that included me locking my keys in my car? Ahem...Hubs was apparently jealous that he had NEVER done that before and decided that Tennessee would be a good place to try it.
The good thing about the situation was that he had left his window down about an inch or so. He REMOVED THE ANTENNA from the truck and proceeded to try to reach the lock through the cracked window. I hurried to the other side of the truck to try to guide him to the lock. About the time he almost had it unlocked, the antenna slipped right out of his hand and onto the truck seat. An even better part of this story...the cell phone was in the truck. Although Hubs didn't find it as hilarious as I did, he did have an alternate plan. He suggested I go inside a store and try to call a locksmith or the police or whoever people in Tennessee use in situations like we were in. While I distracted the cashier in the store by using the phone and asking for locksmith numbers...

In the parking space next to us was a large van that was used for advertising only. Matthew decided to remove the antenna from the van to use as a replacement for the one he dropped. About the time I had a fairly cheap locksmith on the phone to come to our rescue, I saw the truck door swing open. I'm sure the locksmith thought I was a real dummy after the way I sputtered and laughed and told him "Nevermind! My husband just unlocked the door with another antenna!"
Of course, we put the antenna back on the van. I'm not real sure that I should be admitting that we actually took an antenna off another vehicle. If seen by the right people, we could have been arrested or something like that. Maybe??? I don't know.

So, anyway. Day 1 of our trip has proved fun and exciting already!! Stay tuned for more updates and pictures...


  1. Wow! Well, I'll see ya tomorrow! I coming to spend the weekend with you guys! I'm sure you wouldn't mind me dropping in on your romantic getaway, would you? J/k! Lol. Looks like y'all are having a great time! Sure did miss ya at church though! Hope you all will be back soon!

  2. AWE, Matthew, that was so sweet of you to have the surprise waiting!!

    The Keys episode is hilarious! The security video from that store would be interesting to see! Thanks Ash, for sharing!!!! LOL

    Have wonderful weekend. Love y'all!!!!!!!!


  3. Don't worry - your secret is safe with us. We won't expose your new life of crime 'borrowing' antennas without asking LOL

    Have a great time my dear! You guys sure deserve it!!

    Good job Matthew on the surprise!

  4. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself so much!!! Hope the rest of the trip proves to be just as exciting and fun!!!

  5. it is never boring with you two is it?! lol have fun!

  6. Very sweet! :) You never cease to have a crazy experience on your trips! lol


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