Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Noe family!

The kids and I went to Mr. Chase's birthday party today and had a blast!!! We had the perfect ending to the party...I locked my keys in my car along with my phone, purse, diapers, wipes and everything else. A HUGE thank you to Alesia and Bill for calling someone to come help and even PAYING for it! Y'all were lifesavers today.

The kids and I came home and decided to make some Valentine's Day cupcakes. Boy, did they enjoy themselves.

I promptly dipped them in the bathtub afterwards. LOL!!!
As of now, these munchkins are running around the living room singing Amazing Grace, shouting "Hallelujah!" and testifying. Kari just said "Okay, Sister Bubby come sing us a song" to which Malachi simply replied "NO!" These are great times!

Hubs is asleep since he is working such an odd shift and has to get up at 12:00 to get ready for work. Trying to keep these 'younguns' quiet is like trying to muzzle two rat terriers.

I have two pieces of news...a sad news and a happy news.

News #1: We had a death in our family. Hercules has finally gone on to hermit crab heaven. I succeeded in starving and thirsting him to death. I will admit that we had a scare with him a few months ago and I called the family and reported his death. Soon after I reported his death I thought I saw movement in the cage. I filled his sponge with water just in case he was just playing a prank on me. About 30 minutes later, Hercules rose from the dead, folks! But this time there was no doubt that he had given up the ghost for the final time. We mourned for ummm... about 20 seconds and then we were done. Aunt Lacey has promised something different this year. Yay.

News #2: Congratulations to Jon and Latasha!!!

They got engaged last night and I'm so happy for them! I'm sad too, though, because I honestly feel like my daughter is getting married! Kari did say that when Toshi and Jon get married that she was "marrying them too and we were all going to be married" so that could be interesting. I don't think Kari is any more ready to give her up than I am. But she will be in good hands! I love you guys and I couldn't be happier for anyone!!

Happy Valentine's Day, Matthew!! I love you bunches and I'm thankful for the day God decided to put it in His will for us to be together!


  1. What a cool, sweet post! I LOL @ the cupcake icing everywhere and the church service. And poor Hercules...he probably died of a broken heart cause he knew he was never accepted as a member of the Noe family...someone call the animal cruelty hotline!
    Your kids are so cute and you have such a sweet, bubbly personality. Love ya!

  2. you should write a book. you are so hilarious I read your blog and it makes me laugh and laugh. Maybe that's because it's tomorow already and I'm not in bed :) But I think it's mostly because you are the funniest person I know!

    Happy Valentines Day. Oh and please don't ever read my blog. I am sure it would bore you so much you would be scratching your little head by the time you were done!!

  3. Sorry you had a rough day!! But thanks for sharing! It was a good laugh!

    Congrats, Latasha and Jon! This is the season for wedding, I guess.

    Poor Hercules was neglected, abandoned, and starved! LOL!! I will mourn for you, Hercules!!! :)

    Love you all!!


  4. I love this Ashley. Glad to see you letting my grandbabies having the time of their lives. Let em live and have fun while they are babies. This is the greatest times in their lives. I was so glad to spend time with you all this weekend. Love it Love it.....Looking forward to this weekend with my little sweeties....

  5. wow! What a mess! lol Looks like they had a ball! Love the hermit crab story! I know you were so sad to see him go! lol

  6. Awww! I loved this post...idk if it was the adorable pictures of your kiddos with icing everywhere, the halarious story of Hercules or the annoucement of MY engagement! LOL!! Thanks for what you said! N I love the pic! I wish you wouldn't get sad tho!

    I love you guys!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  7. I love this post!!! Malachi reminds me of Chase with all that icing everywhere! Very smart to choose pink....Chase's poor head is stained blue from his cake LOL

  8. how FUNNY!!! ur mom sent me a text to look and i'm so glad she did. i was giggling as i read it in front of my class....God love, they are working like beavers :)
    it's GREAT that u r letting the kids be kids and keeping a record of it with which to blackmail them when they r older.
    love u bunches!

    Aunt Sharon :)

  9. Ashlee, your kids are so funny! I love them!

  10. They are so cute!:) they are gettin so big:( Hope to see yall soon!


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