Friday, June 4, 2010

Toshi Bug is Leaving/Prayer Request

We've had an eventful week, friends! Latasha has been with us since last Saturday and we are so sad that she's leaving tonight! I know Jon will be glad to have her back though. He paid a surprise visit to church last night because he missed her so much! They weren't at all excited to see each other, can you tell?

So our week has consisted of shopping on Monday, shopping on Tuesday, shopping on Wednesday and yes, shopping on Thursday. I'll admit that Tuesday was just a visit to Lowe's to purchase some flowers for my porch but I love giving Latasha a hard time about her shopping habits so I'm blaming every shopping trip this week on her. LOL! Wednesday only consisted of Hallmark, Dollar Tree and our BRAND NEW Rue21 store. Yesterday before church, she decided she really NEEDED that purse at Rue21 that she decided not to get on Wednesday so back we went. She is seriously hilarious about purses and shoes. She will be so mad at me for posting this on here but I think in total she bought 8 purses this week and like, 13 pairs of shoes. Seriously.

We love Latasha and I'm so glad that she likes to come visit. It's nice to have somebody that stays at my house with the kids because I get to sleep later!! :) Ha!! For real though. I love you, Tosh! Thanks for coming this week and I know Monday's shopping trip will be unforgettable for you. My kids made it their personal mission to see to that.

Before I sign off for the weekend I would like to leave an urgent prayer request with you all. You know our disastrous trip to Florida? When we got back, we truly questioned whether it was God's will for us to go or not because so many things happened it seems that it would have been better for us to just stay home.
When we stopped in TN that night when Kari got the stomach virus my mom had noticed something strange with her van and was concerned about it. The next morning we all prayed that if it was God's will for us to continue on our trip that mom's van would be fine when she drove it up the road to have it checked out. Of course, everything seemed fine and we moved on.
But after we got back it seemed we were still questioning the logic of us going down there after everything that went wrong.

A few weeks ago my aunt Ellie (the one we stayed with in Florida) told my mom to be praying for her. She's had some sort of sickness with her stomach and the doctors had diagnosed it with something that I can't remember the name of. After a few weeks of being terribly sick she went back to the doctor who told her she needed her gallbladder taken out. She was scheduled Thursday for an MRI and then they would schedule her surgery. The MRI results revealed that she has PANCREATIC CANCER instead of whatever you call the sickness that's related to the gallbladder. With that being said, I know it was the Lord that urged us on down to Florida so that we could spend time with her before she got so sick. It was literally weeks after we left that she took a turn for the worse and I thank God that He allowed us to spend that quality time with Aunt Ellie.

I'm asking each of you to please pray hard for her!! They are devastated and there are a lot of decisions to be made in the weeks to come. We need divine intervention and I ask that EVERY ONE that reads my blog to say a prayer for her. Every time I post I'll remind you to pray for her.

One more favor. It's a bigun. My aunt and uncle could use some encouragement right now and I think it would be AWESOME if you all would send them an email simply telling them that you're praying. She needs to feel surrounded by prayers and love and with her being so far away from the family.....I can only imagine the loneliness. Please mention that you are emailing her because of my blog so she will know you're not a quack. :) Her email address is

I know you all will do this for me and I SOOOO appreciate it. :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Ashlee, I hate to hear this about your aunt! I will be praying for her!

    Look at that brother of mine grinning ear to ear. You don't think he likes Latasha much, do ya?? ha! That boy would move mountains for her!

    Let me know the next time you'll be in JC and maybe we can finally see each other's kids!

  2. I'll be there this weekend!! Let Tosh know if you'll be in and maybe we can hook up! I would love to see little Chase!

    Good grief....those two are made for each other. Their grins from across the church could have lit up the whole building!

  3. Aww isn't it funny how the Lord gives us an answer about something and then the devil likes to make us go back and question it? But His ways are higher than ours and I am just so happy with how He worked that trip out for you all.....and now it all makes sense.

    I'll say a prayer for her tonight. Pancreatic ca. is a nasty one. I took care of a lot of sweet people suffering from it when I was a nurse. You will be glad you got to enjoy the time with Ellie :)

  4. Praying for your Aunt!

    Sure missed you and Tosh Sunday at Bond! So close yet still so far away. :(

    Tosh sounds worse than me with the purses. I knew we had a connection. LOL!!!

  5. I'm a little behind on your blog so i'm just seeing this post! Ashlee, I loved being down there this past week. I had a really good time! I love your kids like they were my own. Thanks for letting me come stay! And, yes, i know i might like purses and shoes just a LITTLE bit...but I can't help it! :) Ha!

    I love all your pics you put on there! Esp. the one of me and Jon, it turned out very good! LOL! ;)

    Anyway, I love you all very much and will continue to pray for your Aunt Elle. I know God can move for her!

    Love and prayers always,
    Toshi Bug

  6. Ashlee,
    I just sent an e-mail to your Aunt Ellie.
    Love your blog and photos! Love and prayers for you and your family too.........


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