Monday, June 14, 2010

The Great American Brass Band Festival

We had a HUGE weekend. Be prepared for LOTS of pictures. Friday night was the hot air balloon race to jump start the Brass Band Festival. Saturday morning was the parade and the brass bands started up Saturday afternoon. Kari and I were in line to ride the hot air balloon and the people shut it down EARLY! Me and Kari were sorely disappointed. She did get to enjoy the inflatable slides....until one kid got caught on the top when it started collapsing and I wouldn't let Kari get on it anymore. Heavens. People were running around everywhere!

The brass bands were AWESOME Saturday night and the food booths....OMW. Sooo good and sooo expensive. $2 for a plain hot dog? Really. But since I forgot the craziness of festival food prices, I had to pay it or my kids would have had a meltdown right in the middle of 5,000 people.

This band was awesome! They never stopped moving and dancing around while playing their instruments and keeping time. Notice the mouth of the tuba. LOL!

This is the hot air balloon that Kari and I DIDN'T get to ride. :(

Kari and Malachi getting ready for the parade.

At the parade.

Kari was momentarily distracted by the water puddle.

We saw this....

And this....

And all of this. (We saw LOTS more but I'm sure you all don't want to see 100 pictures of brass bands and Shriner cars)

This is the Centre College campus where the brass bands played. People EVERYWHERE.

Malachi and Trinity having a sweet moment before collapsing in exhaustion!

Poor little Malachi fell and received a HUGE pumpknot on his head. He will probably have a black eye at some point this week. You can kinda see the outline of it in this picture...

To top off our fun weekend, Gammy fixed LASAGNA Sunday for dinner. We had a blessed weekend and I'm thankful for my babies, my family, my church family and most of all for still being a child of God. :)


  1. Those are such good pictures. Looks like you had lots of fun this weekend.

  2. Aww..The pics are wonderful,Looks like ya'll had a great time!:) Love ya!

  3. Looks like a blast! I love stuff like that! I hate you didnt get to ride the hot air balloon! :( Enjoyed the pictures!

  4. What a busy weekend! Love all the pictures... especially that last one. Could Kari be anymore beautiful?! Seriously!!


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