Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Return of the Deer

Last night we were all meeting at Gammy and Pappy's house to pick beans and work in the garden and the AWESOME thing is when we work in the garden we get to enjoy the benefits of Gammy's cooking. (Davy, you will LOVE this) We had meat loaf, green beans and taters, fried zucchini, squash (in butter and sugar) and cornbread. All the veggies were fresh from the garden. I mean, does it get any better than that?

I said all that to say this: while Gammy was fixing that awesome dinner, I was outside on the porch reading books to the kids while they were swinging. I was getting sooo sleepy sitting there and mentioned to Kari that we needed to go in out of the heat or mommy was going to fall asleep! Of course she said "Why?" To which I replied, "Because mommy has been working all day and between reading these books and it being so hot outside, it makes mommy sleepy." To which she replied with her hands up in the air as if trying to quiet loud children:

"Evewybody listen to me. It is NOT hot out heah! It is sine (fine) and you should not be hot. Thewe is no weason to go inside because it is NOT hot out heah."

So I picked up another book to read (since I was reprimanded and had to stay outside). It was about a little beaver named Beaver Boy. The first page said this:

Beaver Boy is brown.
Beaver Boy is toothy.

Right after I said Beaver Boy is toothy Kari says:
"MOMMY! Beava Boy is NOT toosy (toothy). I will ask Gammy and if she says Beava Boy is not toosy than Beava Boy is NOT toosy."


Then after we got home she was playing in the living room while I was putting some clothes away in the bedroom. She came flying through the hallway to me and said, "Oh, mommy. There's a deah in the hallway!"

The return of the deer. I fear it shall never leave the child's memory.

After trying to reassure her that there were no deer in the hallway because deer don't like to be in people's houses she says, "But, mommy.....will that deah hit us and bwake our headlight in the hallway?"

She just doesn't get it. LOL! Pray for her, people. The "deah" is forever etched in her mind.


  1. Kari says the cutest things!

  2. OH Kari and her deah. It cracks me up everytime I read it. She has such a sweet personality!

    We may be around JC this weekend. Are you??? I'll not leave it up to my brother to tell you this time! ha!

  3. Ashlee,
    Thanks for the mention. I hope you thought of us while eating Sis. Karen's good cooking! That woman can put some food on the table!! I hope to enjoy it again someday. Until then I'll keep posting pictures of the vittles I encounter out here on the road!
    God bless you all!


  4. I have a question? Did you save me a plate of food?? LOL

  5. oh my goodness I love reading your blog because you are SO FUNNY!!!

  6. Oh Ash, I know you get frustrated sometimes with the rugrats[like last nite ;)], but they say some of the sunniest(funniest) sangs(things)!!! I love them too many!!! :)


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