Monday, June 28, 2010

Four Unique Women.....One Fun Weekend

This title is better than the original that Tonya and I came up with: Four TROUBLED women.....LOL!! We decided that sounded too weird.

Can I just say that I HAD A BLAST THIS WEEKEND? OHMYWORD. Seriously, I had so much fun that I truly detest the fact that I'm at work this morning. I laughed so hard and screamed so much (on the water slide) and shopped until I was so happy and content that I almost went willingly into the car for the ride home.

Let me just say a few things about the trip.

I think Marthanna and I will agree that we've never been with two women who like to eat more than Tonya and Melinda. What's maddening about it is that I could eat like that and be big as a cow and they are so little! Argh.

If you're ever having stomach problems, give Tonya or Melinda a call. They have some interesting suggestions! LOL.

"If my _____ aren't gonna move, I wish they'd just go to sleep!" This was said by Melinda and if you know her, you can ask her what the rest of the sentence is. It was so stinkin' funny that I'm still smiling about it!

We walked the streets of Gatlinburg Friday night after we checked into the hotel and there were like, seriously, FIVE purse stores. They are obviously owned by the same family or group of people because they were all alike. All the purses in the store were 50% off but the prices were anywhere from $60 to $120. Are you kidding me? So these sales people (they were indian....not like teepee indians but India indians) inside the stores would follow you around and ask if you wanted to buy whatever purse you were looking at. Then they would say (insert a foreign accent) "If you rillly like it you can have an extra 10% off" to which I'd say "If you'll give it to me for $20, I'll take it" to which they would say "Nah nah nah.....$25." I said "Nah nah nah" back at them every time. :) It was hilarious.

We went up to Ober Gatlinburg and I'm serious when I say that as I was gazing UP HIGH at the water slide and watching people come down that I got a bad case of nerves. With a bad case of nerves comes a visit to the bathroom for me.

I'm going to say, and the girls will have to agree, that they FORCED me to ride the thing. I got to the top of the very tall tower thingy and decided that I couldn't do it. The guy that was helping push our raft down the slide was like "oh, you've already paid now so you have to ride it" to which I replied "Nope, you can have my $3.50. Seriously, I don't mind."

I know he thought I was some kind of nut from a faraway country like Kentucky or something. But Melinda and I rode down together, me in the back of the raft, and oh the screaming and the laughing and the prayers. Just blogging about it makes my hands sweaty. Friends, I can say I've done it once and that's good for me for the rest of my life. I'm not cut out for "fun" such as that.

My kids stayed with my mom and sister and mom said Kari didn't hardly mention my name. In a way that made me really sad but I'm so thrilled that they had a good weekend too and weren't crying for mommy. That would have broke my heart.

Thank you, Tonya, for sharing on the way home. I'm sure the other girls were so glad someone else was talking beside me. LOL! No, seriously, you have no idea how much you encouraged me just by talking about sweet Brooklyn. I needed the reminder that we have heaven to look forward to and that IT IS REAL.

Thanks to all 3 of you....Melinda, Marthanna and Tonya for asking me to go. God knew I needed to get away this weekend even before I knew it. Can't wait to do it again! :)


  1. Ashlee I am so glad you got to go with 3 wonderful girls whom I think the world of. I enjoyed Memaw weekend sooo much. I think Kari knowing where you went and that you were coming back soon made all the difference and having Bubby Malachi there also made her feel secure. They are precious little ones and I miss em awlful thanks for letting me enjoy them this weekend. Love you lots and lots Mom

  2. Can I come next time?? ;)

    LOL @ the Indian purse people!

  3. Looks like you all had a fun time! I think my little family is going in August for the tax free weekend! I can't wait!

  4. We had a pretty good time babysitting the rugrats this weekend except for one thing....I didn't know 7:30 came twice on Saturdays!!! ;)Seriously though, Kari stuck right with Sissy and Jessi this weekend and really enjoyed the fireworks Friday nite--finally!!! She's not a very good bed-buddy, but she makes up for it by being so sweet in the AM!! Bubby was his usual smiley sels--a little flirty, too!! He's so snuggly!!

  5. SKINNY!!!!.....ashlee you are so skinny!! you look great~

  6. It looks like you girls had so much fun! I LOVE girls' weekends. I always eat too much and spend too much money shopping, but it alwayas makes for some good times and memories.

    Oh and I put up those pictures for you! There weren't too many because Chase got sleepy, but you know me - I'm paparazzi and took a billion in 5 minutes! LOL

  7. Oh Ashlee, It looks like you all had a blast!! I can only imagine what its like with you four together.

    Reminds me of when you, Marthanna, myself and the rest of the crew were younger. Those were the good Ol'days!!

    I'm so glad you all got to have a good time!


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