Friday, July 2, 2010

Am I Alive?

Yes, I am. I'm very much alive although my eyes are being held up by toothpicks as I sit here at my desk hoping I remember some part of this day. Because as of now the whole morning is a blurry blur.

The high points of the week:

*I'm still laughing and smiling over last weekend. FUN!

*Latasha (Toshi Bug) came to stay this week and we've had a blast. I know you all will be shocked but we didn't go shopping once! Well, okay. We went into Cato's for about 20 minutes but we both spent less than $6 and we were basically just killing time when we did that.

*I was off Tuesday for no reason at all. We played, we picked beans and canned 12 quarts, went to the park, ate pizza and really just did a whole lot of nothing. I'm good at doing nothing but I don't get to do it often. :)

*Latasha left yesterday and I was so very sad to see her leave. I always am. But I walked in the house and saw all my laundry washed and folded. I mean, seriously. I know the rest of you women are jealous of me. It made her leaving a little easier on me.

*Last night after church, my FIL asked me to take him to Richmond this morning for work. I agreed and that agreement alone shows how much I love my FIL. We had to leave at 5:30 this morning. Yes, friends. 5:30 AM! Given, I do get up around 5:30 to start my mornings but we had to LEAVE at 5:30. Tosh is still in her teens so she can stay up past 10:00 and talk and laugh and giggle but I'm not so hot at it anymore. But when she's here I make exceptions so that we can get our gabbing time in while the kids are asleep. That, coupled with the summer cold BOTH kids have contracted....exhaustion was setting in last night.

But I love spending time with my FIL because we have good talks about nothing and then other times we have serious talks about life and the Lord and stuff. He's a blast and is always willing to do pretty much anything me and Lacey and Kari and Gammy want to do. We're his weakness because he loves us so much. (Okay, so I know it's Kari but we all like to think it's us too)

This next statement will cause those of you that know David Noe personally to gasp:


Seriously. I mean, FIL can certainly talk as much as the next person but usually he does that around other men or something like that. I'm ALWAYS the one that talks approximately 107 MPH unless I'm asleep and then sometimes I talk in my sleep. But he talked and talked and talked and I LOVED it. He was cracking me up with stories about work, the guys he works with and people he's encountered while working.

I did my share of talking this morning, mind you. I wasn't that sleepy. He also bought my breakfast at Mickey D's which was conditional to my taking him.

*The only bad thing about the morning is when I got ALL the way back to Dville and was about to head to work I realized I was missing one muy importante item. My purse. It was visiting with patrons of McDonald's 45 minutes away.

I hope it has fun today sitting in the manager's office. It has my billfold which houses my debit card, driver's license, ss card and everything else I hold dear, my camera (thus the reason there are no pictures on here today), bank keys (I had to knock on the door to catch somebody in the hallway before I could get in), CAR keys (I got to drive MIL's new car, ha ha).....need I go on?

So, anyway, it looks like my weekend is getting off to a good, sleepy start!! Mom is coming up tonight to stay until Monday! Yay! Since I'm so tired I think gravy and biscuits are in order and that's very convenient since mom will be here to fix it for me. (Don't be jealous of me, Davy.)


  1. Ashlee,
    I've never had your Mother's Biscuits and Gravy but she is from Jackson County so they have to be good. Yes, I am jealous. Biscuits and Gravy are always better in Kentucky, especially in Jackson County. You know that's where my Mom is from too? Yes, that's right, and Grandma too! Now you know why I never miss breakfast at Bond Campmeeting!

    Lick your plate for me.

    Davy & Kelly Jo

  2. you are a good dose of laughter after a really hard day :) Love you!


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