Monday, July 26, 2010

Energy Saver Lightbulbs

Friday night, Kari decided she would just stay with Memaw instead of coming home. Me and Malachi had to fill our time without Sissy and it was very different!

We had so much fun though and were in the bed early! Aunt Lacey and I did the 5k walk Saturday morning while Uncle Chris kept Malachi.

Let me just insert here that I'm very grateful for Uncle. He is so good to my kids and to me as well. He's definitely the best brother in law EVER. He helps me keep my yard looking beautiful and helps when there are "manly" things that need done around the house. Like fixing my shower when it was leaking, fixing my kitchen sink when the knob messed up and removing snakes and critters like that from my property. He hasn't had to do that yet but I'm sure he will do it if the situation ever presents itself.

I mentioned Uncle because of something funny that happened last night. Well, actually it wasn't that funny. Lacey and Uncle came down so that I could help Lacey study for her Compass test coming up this week. After we'd had enough brain-freezing math, Lacey decided to play ball with the kids. Then Uncle joined in the fun and was raising the huge bouncy ball above Lacey's head in an attempt to scare her with it and accidently hit the lightbulb in the ceiling fan and THEN.....complete silence. Seriously. And that rarely happens in our house. The silence went on for several seconds and was finally broken by Kari's terrified cries. (She thought we had "bwoke the ceiling san") When we finally came out of our Everywhere. On Lacey's clothes, hair, on the floor, in the kitchen, on the couch and even on Malachi! We went into 55th gear then and grabbed shoes and kids and the vacuum cleaner. Boy, did Uncle ever vacuum.

I think between the two of us we vacuumed the floor 3 times!! Just FYI: the new energy saver light bulbs shatter into 1000's of pieces. They may save you $1.33 every year but I think I might go back to the olduns.

So, all things considered, we had another blessed weekend. :)

(BTW, this blog is under construction AGAIN. Hopefully things will be normal again in a few days.)


  1. Bubby's getting much too big!!! I miss that mean ol' thang!!!

  2. What's up with that photobucket box that keeps following me around?? Is that the construction thing you're talking about???

  3. Lacey just to let you know you are looking good girl. Hope you do well on your testing and all you can do it.

  4. I'd say y'all were pretty lonely without Kari!

  5. Someone's blog is looking quite spiffy :) :) :) Hope you like it!

    Let me know if you want to change the header. I don't have a lot of fonts on my home computer so I didn't have much to work with on the top banner, but I may change it up once I'm finished installing a few font packages. Also, let me know if you want to change what it says or the picture or anything!

    Love ya girlie! Hope you have a great day!



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