Thursday, July 29, 2010

At a Loss

Well, blogging friends....I seem at a loss lately for things to say on this blog. I know that you all are thinking "Wait a minute! She never shuts up on here!" But I mean I haven't really said anything worth reading. Nothing meaningful and helpful and encouraging has been on here for quite a while.

Since I still don't have any inspiration I'll proceed with telling you about the last few days.

After our trampoline fun on Monday I discovered a total of 22 mosquito bites on Malachi's person. I'm not even kidding. I was beginning to think he had chicken pox. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the damage because it was ROUGH looking.

Last night we had Amanda, Wayne and Gavin over for supper. If you all remember, they are expecting Baby Aiden soon. I fixed creamy tacos and brownies and it was seriously the most simple meal ever but they thanked me and complimented the food about 10 times. It made me feel very appreciated! I think I'll have them over more often. Ha!

So, anyway. Wayne got in the floor and played with the kids and they had a blast.

Malachi was like a leach on Gavin

and Kari kinda flitted around everywhere to make sure she didn't miss out on anything. Poor Amanda...I pray that the Lord lets Aiden come quickly because she starts back to school today and I think she said her students arrive next week. YIKES!! Teaching high school kids and being 38 weeks pregnant? I pity her.

After a little play time on the swing set

it was almost bedtime. I'm so glad I got to spend some time with them before the baby comes. Although I must say that things will be even more exciting when there's a new baby to hold!

I guess that's all for today...I'm praying for some inspiration. I think sometimes we need encouragement ourselves in order to encourage others. Praying about that too. :)


  1. Just wanted to say I been missin' you and those babies much!!! They're getting so very big....I just wanna stick a book on their heads and make them stop growing!!

  2. Well, I like your blog. It doesn't always have to be deep or helpful or whatever. Just a place to share the daily happenings. Your kids are adorable to look and read about!! :)

    PS. LUV your new blog look!

  3. I never say anything encouraging on my blog. Lol! That's not what I created it for, I created so that I wouldn't forget all the little milestones that Trinity hits. I love reading about Kari and Malachi. If it wasn't for this blog I think that you and your family would be strangers to me cause it doesn't seem like we ever get to talk anymore!

  4. I loved this blog! I love reading about peoples days....and you don't even realize that in itself is encouraging to other mom's. Especially ones like me who look at the ones like you and think WOW. They are amazing :)

    You inspire me

  5. Ashlee - I love reading your blog! I don't feel like I'm ever inspiring, but I do love going back and reading what was going on in my life 3 or 6 or 9 months ago, so if nothing else, at least we won't forget these times in our lives!

    OH and I want that recipe for creamy tacos if it's the same one Sheila made for Tosh's birthday!

    See ya soon hopefully!!

  6. Ashlee I love your alls blogs they are so cute and so much about your babies and your everyday lives. All of you whether inspirational one day or just talking about your beautiful babies are an inspiration in itself.

  7. Honeychil'.....It ain't all about being uplifting and offering deep words to encourage the masses....we love just seeing your pictures, hearing about your crazy lives, and knowing that you are spending quality time with these precious babies while working and keeping a home. You are a Super Hero in my book! ;) Keep those pictures and funny stories coming! :) LOVE YOU!



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