Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Week

This post will probably be so random that your head will spin. I know you all are not surprised because my posts usually are.

When I picked the kids up at MIL's after work on Tuesday, MIL informed me that Kari hadn't had a nap all day. That could mean 1 of 3 things:
a. she will be a whine bag ALL evening
b. she will be a grouch ALL evening
c. we will have a very early peaceful bedtime with no fussing
d. she will be so tired by bedtime that she will get wired and go to pieces.

I would choose c, obviously. But most of the time it ends up being a, c and d together. But to my surprise she was very good and actually sat on the couch most of the evening either looking at books or playing with her My Little Pony stuff. Malachi, on the other hand, was a booger. I was ironing and left the room for 3.4 seconds to grab some more clothes to iron and I came back to Malachi holding the iron and this:

I rescued him right before he touched the bottom of the iron. I am SOOO very thankful that he didn't get burnt AGAIN but....I'll be honest and say that I just put down new carpet in March and it made my stomach go to pieces when I saw the iron print on the floor. To make myself feel better I'm saying that it's a good excuse to buy rugs for my living room.
Anyway, I was trying to keep Kari awake and Malachi alive until bedtime so we went to SIL's to swim for a few minutes. When we got back I wrapped Kari in a towel and put Malachi in a towel in his high chair to give them a snack. This is how I found them:

Yes, I know Malachi is in a purple towel but that's what was handy at the time.

Last night my friend Chrissy and her two daughters Macey and Kyndall came over. They brought us some Papa John's and oh, was it good! The kids played and had a blast. Me and Chrissy were a little addled by the end of the night but we had fun too!

Malachi got to ride in Kari's babydoll stroller, pushed by the girls of course. He was also holding the doll in that last picture. I'm not making a sissy out of my son but that's the only way we could get the picture at the time. Besides, he plays with Kari when she plays dolls and has a blast. So, whatever works.

So far we've had a good week. This will probably be my last post until Monday unless something interesting happens tonight. With our record that's a good possibility. :)


  1. I was wondering if you was going to post again! Glad you did!

  2. Those napping pics of my babies are soooo sweet!! I miss those little rugrats(and you too, of course!!)!!

  3. Aww...those are adorable, I hate so much that Malachi done that to the carpet with the iron, but thank the Lord that he didn't burn himself. The pics of them napping were absolutely heart stealers! It makes me just wanna squeeze them! Anyways, love you all dearly!



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