Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jumpoline Fun!

First of all, does anybody like my new blog look? Because I just LOVE it! I was so excited to pull it up this morning and see all the new stuff that Jess created for me. She is terrific and I really think she should start her own business! :) Thank you, Jess for making my blog perfect for me! I was in a panic when I came in yesterday and saw it! Yikes! You rescued me AGAIN and I appreciate it very much.

The kids and I had a pretty lazy evening. I worked a little around the house and then we stepped outside on our porch to work in the flowers. Kari helped me weed the flower bed and then wondered off to the trampoline, aka the jumpoline. Malachi followed and before long you could hear them laughing all over the neighborhood. It made my heart happy to hear my babies giggling and having fun. I took pictures until Kari begged me to jump with them.

God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with these two munchkins. They can make me smile and laugh quicker than anything!

When we finally finished jumping, this is what the kids looked like! Obvious signs of fun, I'd say.

One more thing before I go for the day. Aunt Ellie got the results back from her surgery. She does have cancer but it doesn't seem to be as bad as they initially thought. She still has a ways to go before she's even fully recovered from the surgery so please pray for her as she begins treatment. She has a long road ahead and needs strength and courage that only comes from the Lord!


  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!! You spend such wonderful QUALITY time with your children...I admire your dedication to your home & kids...you are a WONDERFUL mother! Your children are examples of the Godly life that you live.

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Makes me wanna be there all the time. I miss em awlful dirt and black and all. They are so funny them two are a barrell of laughs.

  3. oh my goodness you have two of the cutest kids on the face of the planet!!!!!!!

  4. Looks like they had fun! I love jumping on the trampoline. I love the new look of your blog. I Tried that theme but I didn't like it cause the giraffe print didn't show up. I am so in love with giraffe print right now. Lol! I am trying to find the fabric to make Trinity a pillowcase dress out of it but I can't find it anywhere :(

  5. The colors are much more readable now for my old eyes....A+++



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