Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Baby!

Not for me, mind you.

My friend, Amanda and her husband, Wayne are expecting a baby in August and my friends Lorie and Cassie and I threw a baby shower for them! It was so cute and the food was DELICIOUS!!! We made it ourselves and I must say.....YUMMY!

A little background on Amanda: We worked together at the bank and she became a fast friend! I love her to death. She was really there for me when I was pregnant and her and another friend gave me an awesome baby shower at work! I prayed constantly for Amanda that God would send her a wonderful husband to take care of her and her precious son, Gavin, who is now SEVEN. Good grief. He was 3 when we first started working together.

So, anyway. Amanda met this wonderful man named Wayne and the rest is history. Actually, the rest is in the present because the baby isn't here yet. But they are so sweet together. Wayne was constantly making sure Amanda was okay and holding her hand and just doing the sweetest little things!! I loved watching them interact with each other. The following pictures weren't posed. The baby was moving and they were all feeling it and I was actually able to snap these! Isn't it precious? I think the one with Gavin feeling the baby is so cute.

Amanda accepted a teaching position about 3 years ago so I don't get the privilege to work with her anymore. I'm glad we only live 5 minutes from each other. :)

So, congrats to Amanda, Wayne and Gavin! I'm so happy that God will be blessing your little family with baby Aiden soon. I love you all!


  1. Oh my word - I SO want to reach through my computer screen and grab some of that food! It looks YUMM-O!

    Can it be true??? Am I gonna get to see you and those sweet babies tomorrow?? I hope so!

  2. wow that was some spread there Ashlee!!!


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