Monday, July 12, 2010

Corn, Beans, Cauliflower, Pickles and the Beach

My title for this post just flows, doesn't it? I mean, really.

But that's what my weekend consisted of. FIL and I picked corn and beans IN THE RAIN Friday evening. We canned another 12 quarts of beans Friday night and got the corn ready for Saturday.

We figured since we already had the beans finished, the corn wouldn't take long on Saturday. Wrong. We worked in corn, pickles, cauliflower and some other veggies from 9 AM to 4PM. I know I'll be thankful for it this winter but right now, I'M TIRED!!!

So, anyway. Lacey, Kari, Kayla (Chris and Lacey's niece on his side), Chris and I went to the lake Saturday evening. Malachi stayed to take a nap with Pappy and Gammy. At the lake they have a section that they've made into a beach and oh, did we have a good time!

Kari and Kayla didn't stop for 2 hours! After church yesterday we decided to go back. Uncle Chris took Malachi home with him and Lacey, Kari and I went swimming. I have a few things to say about the beach/lake scene but I'm not sure how to word it so that it sounds proper. We had a blast but it wasn't without having to laugh hysterically at some sights there.

I know I say it often but I want to say it over and over. I thank God for my babies. They are the most precious thing God has ever blessed me with. I pray that I can be a good mother to them and lead them in the ways of the Lord. We were laughing this weekend at Kari because she was talking JUST like me. She even said "I mean, really, guys." She's becoming a little "mirror" as my MIL put it. It scares me to death! Am I saying the right things, doing the right things, acting the right way in situations...??? It's almost too much to think about.

Sometimes I see Kari doing stuff and she has the same reactions that I have at times and that's scary for me to watch. I know that for me to be the right kind of mother I have to stay on my knees and pray harder than ever. I have good intentions and at times I have really good prayers but lately....I've been falling asleep, my mind's been wandering, blah blah blah. Does anyone else face this besides me? :(


  1. I LOVED Malachi's outfit Sunday! Too cute!

  2. Ashlee, I'm right there with you with wanting to be the best example for the Lord to my child. I know one of the most important jobs God has ever given me is raising him and I want to do it right! But sometimes after a long day at work and not much sleep the night before, I find my prayers interrupted by a wandering mind or if I'm not careful, totally cut short because I have fallen asleep! Don't feel bad - I do the same thing! All I know to do is ask for forgiveness and try to do better.

    Kari and Malachi are just plain gorgeous and they sound like they are pretty awesome kids, so I think you're doing a GREAT job!

  3. Ashlee, your kids are too cute!!! I want to squeeze the the stuffing's out of them!! Love you all so much!!!!

  4. Your bloggs are so funny Ashley. Those babies are so precious even when they are ornery. I love you guys to death. Glad you have such good family in Danville to do stuff with. You inlaws are a blast.

  5. DId you see any wedgies at the beach?!?! lol. Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it huh?!

    I feel you on the garden thing.....Keith grows a big one and I really love all the stuff but it is a lot of hard work. Makes me really love the farmers market haha. so much easier!

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  7. Angel, you are so funny!! Just imagine a beach in good ol' Jackson County and you can imagine what we saw!! LOL.

  8. I been missin' my babies lately. Me n Jess were just talkin' about coming to see them soon. Where's that lake you went to??


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