Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ohio and Family Pictures

Well....I had this really long post yesterday with all kinds of pictures ready to be downloaded on here. I tried to download pictures, seriously, like 5 times. Finally I got frustrated and copied the text I had written and had intentions of saving it somewhere so I could try again today. But somehow I forgot to save it and now I have to write a whole new post and I'm not really feeling it today like I did yesterday. Here goes anyway!

My mom, the kids and I left at 6:30 AM (yes, on a saturday) for Ohio. Malachi was awake for a short period of time but when it started raining he fell fast asleep. They slept until we got to Dry Ridge!! Wow. It was such a nice trip and me and mom got lots of talking in! Imagine that. They also slept from the time we left Ohio Sunday morning at 7:30 until we got to Georgetown!! Heavens.

Kari and Malachi got to meet a lot of cousins and family that they had never met before. Kari especially took up with my cousin Steven's three girls.....Cameron, Samantha and Casey. They are the cutest things EVER!

My dear Aunt Ellie

Ellie's son, Steven and his wife, Christy

This is my uncle Richard and his daughter, Shelley

and his son, Richie with his new wife and his son, Clay

We stayed all night with my aunt Geraldine and Uncle Andy but I didn't get any pictures of them! ARGH!
My cousin, Becky and her youngest son, Joshua.
She also has Jeremy and Jacob. They are cuties!
Becky and I braved the pool with my two kids, her three kids and my cousin Brandon. We had a blast but what chaos we had in there with SIX kids! We swam for 3 hours and had to absolutely drag those kids out of the pool.

We ended our weekend with Cracker and Barrel and oh, the blueberry french toast! If you haven't had it yet at CB, please make your way there at some point this week and try it. Blueberry Streusel pancakes with blueberry syrup....who can resist that? Yes, I threw the diet out the window and enjoyed EVERY bite. :)

Here's Malachi, Kari and Abby (she's part of our immediate family and we can't go ANYWHERE without her) at Cracker Barrel

Altogether we had a GREAT weekend and I was so glad to be able to spend some time with Aunt Ellie. GOOD NEWS: Aunt Ellie came through her surgery good and they removed the tumor. The tumor is POSSIBLY benign and if that's the case then she will just have to recover from the surgery with no treatments. If it is cancer they will start chemo and radiation. We will find out one way or the other within about a week. Keep praying!!


  1. It's about time you put something else up for me to read!!! I love the pics from Ohio....they're the only ones I've seen since our mother doesn't take pics!! :(

  2. I am so glad that your aunt made it through surgery and we are still praying for her.

  3. I'm glad you all had such a great weekend!

  4. Looks like you had a good time in OHIO, My home sweet home!!! Great news about your Aunt!! I will keep praying for good results. Love y'all!!!

  5. All I could think about when I read this was all the stories you used to tell us about your cousins. They were always hilarious. What was that little girls name? Brooke? I don't really remember but what I do remember is cracking up :) love you Ash!

  6. I think our blog is rubbing off on you, Ashlee! You are talking about food an awful lot. Of course I don't mind at all except I am trying to figure out a way to get to Cracker Barrel!
    Davy & Kelly Jo

  7. LOL!! We talk about things that are important to us on these blogs, guys.

    Angel, her name was Brooke and she's not a little girl anymore! She will be turning 18 and graduating this coming year. Heavens.


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