Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Evenings/Malachi at the Dentist

I'm not sure if I've said it before but I LOVE SUMMER! There's nothing more fun than coming home from work and spending the entire evening outside with my munchkins.

Pepaw put their swingset up for them on Memorial Day weekend so we're loving that! We walked 2 miles last night with Aunt Lacey (FYI: blue suckers keep kids quiet and content on walks)

mowed with Uncle Chris and cleaned up the yard, watered the flowers (I think I've honestly over-watered some in my attempt to obtain a green thumb, as you can tell by the purple flowers)

and played on the swingset a little more.

We had a busy evening and I'll have to say as I do quite often....I thank God for my little blessings named Kari and Malachi. They make my life so much more fun and eventful, to say the least. To watch them interact with each other as brother and sister is hilarious but so sweet too.
The other night when we were at Memaw's, we drove thru the DQ drive thru. I got Kari an ice cream cone because she wasn't hungry and I got Malachi something to eat. After he finished eating his food, he wanted Kari's ice cream cone. Now you gotta understand that Kari LOVES ice cream cones. That's the one thing she asks for repeatedly and never gets tired of. I asked her if Malachi could have a lick since we were already gone from DQ and I couldn't buy him one. She said "No, mommy. Bubby can just have my ice cweam cone and I will get one the next time."

I mean, seriously. Does it get any sweeter than that?

Lastly, Malachi had a dentist appointment at 7:00 this morning. It was early but worth it because my kids are at their best first thing in the morning. Malachi did very well and Kari also had to have her teeth brushed and "slossed." We took the whole office fresh chocolate donuts so they were really happy to see us!!



  1. How sweet of Kari to give Malachi her ice cream!! Thats just too cute! -- Cute pictures!

  2. That is too sweet of Kari!! Ashlee, you are blessed with sweet children. Their sweetness comes from their mother, and the meanness, well, um who can I blame for that..., Aunt Lacey. Sorry Lacey, I really do love you!! :)

    I love and miss all of you!!!! You are in my prayers!!

  3. Your flowers look so pretty! Mine always seem to umm...die. I wonder why??? Lol!

  4. Hmmm...watering them helps, Ivy!! LOL. I felt so sorry for your flowers when I saw them. They must have died a painful death without water!! Hee hee hee....


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