Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well, folks, I don't have a lot to say today.
I can just see the shock on all of your lovely faces. :) I have two pieces of news to share and then I'm signing off until Monday.

1. Despite the blueberry streusel french toast and the massive piece of meat loaf I consumed Tuesday night I have lost another pound!! Yahoooooo!!!

That's a total of 27 pounds and I'm very excited because I haven't lost anything in approximately 33 days. It's getting a little too toasty outside to be walking 3 miles with Lacey and the kids every night and that, coupled with the aforementioned food, isn't conducive to a good weight loss plan. (how do you like those big words all in ONE sentence?)
Have I mentioned lately that Lacey has lost 55 pounds? She looks FAB-U-LOUS.

2. I was invited on a trip to Tennessee with my buds Melinda, Tonya and Marthanna. All they had to say to convince me to go was water slide, shopping and food and I was in! Or maybe it was the fact that I said I wasn't going unless we could ride go-carts and they said okay.....hmmm.

I'm a little nervous about this trip to Tennessee because
a.) I've not been on a water slide in years (like 20 years) and the one in Ober Gatlinburg is probably huge. I might be skeered (that's a redneck word for you northerners that aren't familiar)
b.) my kids are staying with my mom and sister for the night so let's say prayers for all FOUR of them and
c.) I'm going somewhere without my kids. That alone is nerve-wracking.

(By the way....if you look up that word nerve-wracking on google like I did to find the correct spelling, you will find that there is an ongoing debate on whether it's spelled nerve-wracking, nerve-wrecking or nerve-racking. I chose nerve-wracking just in case you didn't notice so if you think it's spelled wrong it's actually up for debate.)

This entire post is kind of weird. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Souds like you will have fun! When are you going?

  2. Have fun! I truly believe that every second a Mommy has for herself, to do something for herself, makes her a BETTER Mommy! It's always good to have a refresher. You totally deserve it =)

  3. My blond headed daughter you are absolutely hilarious. I feel you have been in the sun a little toooooo long.


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