Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pictures, Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Tennessee trip as well as others that are off my iPhone. I'm sorry they're not better quality...I'm afraid my iPhone has taken place of my camera 95% of the time!!!

Here's some pictures from our last clinic visit of Kari and Dr. Bayliff. Kari adores her and they had the best time!!!

Enjoy!! :)


  1. Iphone or not, those pictures are precious! You've got one sassy little girl and guy in their hats :).

  2. I know I shouldn't say this. So I won't. Yes, I will! Ok, but its only for a chuckle ya'll, ok? I love the pics, but I did have to say, "eeewww" when I seen the dr's leg in the above pic. Ha ha I know I'm not proud of my legs either, but I don't flaunt them. Ha ha. Ok, that's off my chest now!
    Kari looks wonderful. My kids have enjoyed those same rides before. Its perfect for the smaller ones.

    Amy Parker

  3. Lol to the Doctor's leg comment! I take way more pictures with my iPhone than my actual camera. I'm trying to do better! The pictures are too cute! Your kids are good at getting their pictures taken! I done Trinity's 2 year pictures tonight and they turned out beautiful!

  4. The pics are adorable!!(:
    Love you all!


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