Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick update by Gammy!!!

First, let us say "We are so sorry that it has been 3 weeks since we updated! I realize you follow Kari's progress through the blog so just let me say "no news is usually good news''. Life has been just flying by. You would think that with Ashley being a stay at home mom and my not babysitting anymore that we would be loaded with lots of extra time. NOT!!! All of you stay at home Moms know how much extra time you have. Lol! You have a hard time just having a chance to run to the bathroom alone! Ashley is with the babies all day then at quitting time when the husband should be coming home to give a hand, she has to just go on and work second and third shift, being a single parent. We all try to help out but when all is said and done the responsibility lies on her. Whew, I shudder to think, but a Mom is made up of the toughest stuff there is. Some man did not invent transformers, a mom (with Gods help) has been transforming in to whatever she needs to be for years!!! That is why I think that God compares the love of our Saviour to that of a Mothers. My hat is off to you Gals!

Kari is actually at clinic as I type. I have been under the weather so Ashley has Malachi too. And surprisingly, she has still been able to send updates and a couple pictures. Kari's counts are borderline today so in the beginning they didn't know if they could do chemo or not. They decided to go ahead with her treatment since her ANC is 740 and that is good enough that they feel safe to do it. She has reached the point again that if she is out in a crowd she will have to wear a mask. Bless her heart, she hates them. Well, if you see a group around town with masks on don't think we are bandits or anything. When her hair fell out, we all wore hats (until she decided they were too hot) so now I guess we'll all be running around with masks! "All for one and one for all!"

Kars4Kari had to be postponed due to weather. Father Winter whipped in over the weekend making us shiver and shake, so that will now be a spring fund raiser. The benefit is still planned for November 12 at 12. Hope you can come! Let me say this, we were kind of counting on Kars4Kari to help them through until the benefit. It would have been a scary time when we had to cancel but, don't you know that our "On Time God" had already moved upon His people and the need was met before we even knew we had one!!!! God is Awesome!! How can people go through this life, looking at all His miracles and doubt His existence??? I am so thankful that He cares for His children!

We all had a week in December planned to take Kari and Malachi to TN to see the Christmas lights (Kari loves TN and she was robbed of her carefree summer vacation this year :() but at Clinic they told Ash that the next phase of her chemo will be a rough one and she will not be able to go nor feel like going. (we are bombarding Heaven for His help) They said she could go in October, so we are hoping to get down there for a few days this month. Please continue sending prayers up for her.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!! I promise, Ashley will be back blogging soon and you won't have to listen to this old woman rattle! Oh, do you have time for one grandma story? Ok, I will try to keep it short. Kari and I had a 'first' experience yesterday! We went to Catos and shared a dressing room trying on clothes, lol! There is a little story behind this. I have changed my eating habits, trying to eat healthier and drop some weight. I am thrilled to say that from my heaviest weight I have lost 92 lbs so for the first time I can go to Catos and shop!!! Of course Kari is her Mommy's girl and can shop anytime. Anyway, she was running everywhere while Lacey and I looked around. Once I got to looking for her and couldn't find her anywhere. She's a master hider from playing hide and seek with Lacey and Ashlee so she won't say anything to reveal where she is. I couldn't find her anywhere!!! At about the point of hysterics I heard something . . . if there's one thing she likes better than hiding it is humming or singing. Lol. I began following the song, (He's Taking Care Of Me) and I looked up under the clothes racks. There she was, sitting on a bar under the clothes rack, swinging her feet and humming to beat ninety!! Bless her heart!! She is Gammy's Precious Princess and Pappy's SweetPea! And yes, we had a Gammy day Saturday - time will not permit me to tell of the mess she made then. LOL!!! This Gammy loves it! Have a blessed day!!!


  1. We are always praying for Kari! I really hope she can go see the Christmas lights in TN!

  2. Love the Cato's story!! Praying for all of you. Hope you get to go Tennessee soon!


  3. I agree the Cato's story was the best ! She Is a lil doll. We love yall and your are always in our prayers.


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