Monday, March 12, 2012

Aunt Ellie & Papaw Lewis

Well, I knew the day would come when I would have to do this post. And I've dreaded it.

My Aunt Ellie passed away about an hour ago. Many of you have kept up with her and prayed for her through her battle with cancer. She was diagnosed in May of 2010 with pancreatic cancer and has battled so hard for the past two years. Thank you for your prayers for her and please hold our family up to God over the next little bit. If you could go back to this post or this post you can see how much fun we had with Ellie and Greg when they lived in Florida. She was diagnosed shortly after we visited them in 2010. My aunt was a wonderful person, inside and out. I loved her so much and I will miss her even more!

Last week, we also had another death in our family. Papaw Lewis, who is my children's great grandfather on Matthew's side, passed away (also from cancer) and his funeral was Saturday. He loved my kids so very much and he earned a nickname from Kari before she learned to talk plain. "Papaw Lewless" will be missed greatly!

Please keep our family in your prayers as we travel to Ohio for the funeral. Kari has been asked to sing but she's on steroids right now. So, who knows what mood she will be in??? I will do my best to update on Kari (with pictures) tomorrow.

Thanks for your continued support for our family!


  1. "Mommy, I'm hungwy....I'm on stewoids, remembah??" Goodness, I miss those little boogers!! I hate to get together with you again under such circumstances, but I'll be glad to see you guys again. I love and miss you all bunches...and look forward to enjoying my Lucky Charms with your chillens again(inside joke, sorry). :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. We're praying!! Hold down the fort!!!

  3. I just dropped this way. Read your blog.
    In my friends family two years ago. Was the same. Poppa went home to the Lord and still is missed of course. Keep the memories in your heart the good times. For both of them. Poppa is always never stopped being mentioned. I prayed as I send this along.
    God is with you always.To give you his peace and love.

  4. Kept by His Grace and Mercy. Still praying for you and family.

  5. Well, since you're not gonna post anything new yet, I guess I'll comment on this past weekend. The viewing and funeral went better than we expected. There were lots of tears, of course, but we were glad that our Aunt Ellie wasn't suffering anymore. I thought the little fellers did pretty well, considering they had to be pretty still and quiet for three days in a row. Little possum did GREAT on her song, and of course I cried....imagine that....:)I got to spend a little more time than usual with the Little Man, which I LOVED!! And my dear sister and I figured out that, although we seem very different, our dadburn minds are just too much alike....what a pair we made this weekend!! I love you, Sis!! :)


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