Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Just a quick update from the Mother in law again. Lol!
Ashlee's computer is down so she asked me to give you a quick update.
Kari went for counts at EMRMC yesterday and we were thrilled with the results!
They were up from 1600 to 5500 (ANC) and all the other counts were really good! We are Praising the Lord! She is definately back to her little spunky self! She had a few problems when she first went on maintenance adjusting but all seems fine now. PTL! Her hair is growing so fast! She is thrilled! Hopefully Ash will be up and running and be able to put some recent pictures of her soon.
Kari sang at her Great Aunt Ellies funeral and from what they told me it was unbelievable how strong her little voice was and she never missed a word. Memaw said she done us proud!!!! She is definately our little singer. It just thrills me and Pappy when we are going down the road and she is just sitting back there in her own little world singing, singing, singing! Tears are in our eyes as we realize just how God has blessed us.
I do Children's Church at our church and every Sunday, Kari says "Pray for my Mommy and my Daddy, all my family and friends and all my friends at Clinic!" She is always praying for and thinking about you. If we had time, she would call every one of you by name. Lol. One more thing, when she was having some problems a few weeks ago, she had a really sore throat. Ash had texted for us to pray. When she came in to Sunday School, she jumped into my arms and I said, "Baby, How are you feeling?" She got this little awestruck look on her face and said excitedly, "Gammy, I don't know how God did it but somehow before I had to take my medicine, He healed my throat!!!!! Gammy, I just don't know how He did it, but He did!" Thank God for her faith and her Mommy who guides her spiritually.
Malachi is growing so fast. He is definately going to be Pappys helper. Anything Pappy does, he has his hands in it. Lol. I really think he just loves having some male attention. I watched him helping Pappy put their new lawn mower together and he was bent over it just like Pappy and was talking every breath and fiddling with every part on it. He run over to me with Pappys big gloves on and said, "Numni, DoTi help,help,help Pappy fix lawnmower!" He has always called me Numni cause he couldn't say Gammy and he calls himself DoTi cause he can't say Malachi or at least he couldn't. The other day I was explaining that to someone and he looked at me matter of factly and said, "Numni, DuTi can say Gimmy and Mawacki." So its just a matter of time before our nicknames are obsolete. :( They grow up soooo fast!

As always, thanks for your continuing love, prayers and support! We love you!


  1. bless their hearts...they are soooo sweet!

  2. Thank you for sharing; so many of these posts speak to me. Today's reminded me of my Mother telling me as a child, one of my favorite phrases was "me help, me help."


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