Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, The Things We'll Do.....

For some peace and quiet!! I've read this suggestion in several parenting magazines, I've heard my own mother talk about it, I've heard other mothers with small children talk about why do I feel guilty for doing it? :)

For the first time in my history of being a parent I rode my kids around in the van until they fell asleep!!! Kari started the night out sleepy and Malachi was pretty sleepy by the time we were finished with our walk last night. After a snack and their baths......that trigger that I was referring to yesterday was about to be pulled and I knew if I didn't do something it would be another hour before I got them down. So, with a touch of desperation, I loaded them into the van, turned on their little sing along CD, cranked the heat up and headed out to drive around until they were konked. Maybe I shouldn't have.....maybe it's okay to do it. All I know is I actually got a hot shower and shaved my legs last night!! I had prayer time with just me and the Lord and no interruptions and I even got to read a book for about 15 minutes.

I'm hooked. :)


  1. Ash, you are such a good mother & your children are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love reading your stories & seeing the pictures of your kids. This is the neatest sight & I will definitely be a faithful follower...I LOVE YOU!!!...:) Wavey

  2. Awww....thanks, Wavey!! I love you too! I love this blogging thing. It's a good way to save the cute things that happen and let everybody else know how wonderful my kids are. (at least I think they're wonderful! )
    Hope to see you all soon!


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