Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Recap of our Funny Night

I don't understand how all these people make their pages look so cute. I've been to all the little web pages that you can download cute stuff from but it's not working for me!! I think I'll email my buddy Angel and ask her for some help. This page is under construction for those of you who are thinking that my page is pretty bland!

So, anyway, a recap of last night's events in the Noe household: My beautiful kiddos decided to be little angels most of the evening. We ate at Fazoli's (99 cent kid's meals, yahoo!) and went home to play a little before bedtime. I think my children have this little trigger in their minds that says "GET WILD AND DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN DO TO KEEP FROM FALLING ASLEEP" that gets "triggered" around 9:00. I'll admit that I have changed their bedtime since the time change. I think when it's light outside with valuable play time left that no child wants to be going to sleep. That being said.....they are totally out of whack at bedtime now. You wouldn't think that one hour would make a difference but, honestly, they're like little monkeys when I put them in bed. It's pretty funny most nights. Little Malachi (not so little anymore) is finding new ways to either a. make his sister laugh b. make his sister cry or c. make her do both at the same time which is quite funny to see. Bless her heart, Kari takes it so well most of the time. She usually laughs at her bubby and goes on or decides to get revenge.....
I'll try to make a long story short but between the beginning of bath time to the point where they FINALLY fell asleep these things happened: Kari accident....on the potty so I put her and Malachi in the bathtub while I cleaned it up. They were playing in the water, having a good ol' time when I heard "Mommy, I'll help you clean..." followed by a splash of water. You guessed it!! Water all over the floor. After cleaning that mess up I returned to the toilet mess and proceeded to clean there. After finishing that I bent over to gather my cleaning supplies and for some reason didn't notice that I had the toilet bowl cleaner already in my arms and that the lid wasn't properly closed. At this point I'm not sure how much toilet bowl cleaner leaked into the air vent on the floor while I was bent over. The good thing is I'll have a good smell filtering through the room when my air kicks on! LOL. Ten minutes later I sat on the side of the tub to bath the kids. I was scrubbing Malachi's cute little head of hair when I felt something warm down my back. Yep. Kari had, once again, decided to clean the floor with a cup full of water.

I think I would just like to know if this happens at everyone else's house during "getting ready for bed time." I keep telling myself that the kids will be in bed by 9:00 and I'll have a quiet hour of prayer and getting caught up on housework. WRONG so far! Geez. Any suggestions for those of you that have been through this? I've read lots of articles on "Ways to Establish Bedtime Routines" and some such nonsense that really doesn't help. Especially when you're a single parent and doing the whole bedtime routine single handedly!!

So, to end this very long post I will say that as of this morning I was laughing my head off at the turn of events last night. My children are so funny and I think I'm the most blessed mother on the earth! :)

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