Monday, March 29, 2010

Uneventful But Never Boring!

This was definitely a "quiet" weekend. Meaning we had no broken bones, no 2nd degree burns, no black eyes, only one get the picture. Anyone who knows anything about our family understands what I'm saying!! We've had a pretty exciting year so far and it's only March!!
Malachi is now walking most of the time (hence the pump-knot) and he's actually getting more use out of my new exercise bike than I am. He thinks it's a new toy.

I can't figure out how to get the handle bars to stay up so I've yet to use the blasted contraption. Good thing I only paid $10 for it. I also found a Gazelle for $5 this weekend at a yard sale. That thing is awesome although Kari thinks it's an inside swing and always wants me to "swing" her instead of exercising.
The good news is..... I've lost 18 pounds!!! Yay for me. I will also commend my sister in law for losing 40 pounds so far!! She is doing great and looking even better. I'm so proud of her!

My wonderful mother came up Friday night (and my sister!) to keep the kids during our big church cleaning on Saturday. Saturday evening Malachi, having already been bathed, dried off, lotioned and pj'd for bedtime decided to head back into the bathroom to take a gander at his sister to see how the bath was coming along for her. Here's how mom and I found them:

I love these kids. :)

Also, my manager at work bought me a new Bundt cake pan and I was so excited to use it. Kari and I made the prettiest cake although my excitement was dampered by the fact that I could only eat ONE small piece during Sunday dinner. :(

Here is the cake with the gooey caramel icing on top!! It's not a beautiful cake, I know, but it's always beautiful when my baby girl helps me make it!

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