Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Picnic and Sunshine

After we got home yesterday afternoon we decided to take supper outside. Of course, I forgot to thaw something out so supper consisted of a chicken wrap for myself, Princess chicken noodle soup for the kids (if Malachi only knew that he was eating GIRLY stuff...), peanut butter and crackers, and oreos and vanilla pudding for dessert. I know, I know. Not a very healthy meal but Kari was so excited when I mentioned the word "picnic" that it didn't matter what we ate. So outside we went, Kari armed with drinks and myself carrying the food, the camera, the blanket and dragging Malachi along. LOL!! What a fun time we had!!

Malachi, living up to his nickname "Mikey", took a dive for the peanut butter and crackers. Before 5 minutes were up he had a cracker, peanut butter side down, stuck to his shoe, one stuck to his shirt and one in his hand cramming it in as fast as he could!

The sunshine was wonderful, the breeze was wonderful, we had a wonderful time and I felt so blessed just to be sitting there with my two wonderful babies!!

We took a short walk up the street and stopped to talk to our new neighbor, Dolly. She has four dogs and Kari is quite fascinated by this. She would reach out to pet one and as soon as they would move, she would take off running towards me. It was so funny. After that we paid a visit to the park with Aunt Lacey and Uncle Chris. What a blast we had there!! I don't know who enjoyed the HUGE slide better: Kari, me, Chris, or Lacey. Although I must say watching Aunt Lacey come down the slide was the best thing ever and I'm still laughing at the way Uncle Chris's legs looked as he was "stuck" at the top....!!! Unfortunately, my camera died when we got to the park so I didn't get any pictures. I'm very upset at this. It pays to have an extra set of batteries.

What a fun evening we had. The dishes were still in the sink, the toys in the floor, the laundry in the dryer, shoes by the door....but who cares? :)


  1. I want you to know that you are an AWESOME mom! I can't ever remember doing anything like this with my kids. I must have been such a selfish mother. You are always thinking of your kids. I admire you so much.

    Love you guys!!!


  2. Thanks, Wavey. That means a lot to me! I don't feel like an awesome mom most of the time...:(

    Love you too!


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