Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Family (Very Long Post)

I thought I would share a few pictures of our family. I love each and every one of them and I know that they love me and my kids. That means so much to me!! So here's a tribute to all those dear to our hearts. I didn't get pictures of everyone this weekend but those that I didn't get I'll snap at the next family dinner.

First of all is our "Pappy." My kids think the sun rises and sets on their pappy. He is also my father in law and Pastor and I love him sooo much!! He's more than a father in law...he's the absolute BEST father in law EVER! He doesn't like his picture going over the internet so I won't put one on here in case he ever looks at this. LOL.

Along with our "Gammy" who is the best Gammy EVER and the best mother in law in the world. She babysits for me and the kids love it! They have so much fun at Gammy and Pappy's house and usually aren't in a big hurry to leave!

This is Aunt Lacey (better known as Aunt Sassy) and Uncle Chris (better known as Uncle). They love my kids and my kids love them even more!! This is also the sister in law that has lost 40 pounds!! I'm so stinkin' proud of her. She is the best dieter and really motivates me to try to do good on my weight loss.

This is Lashei and Josh. Lashei is Kari and Malachi's 2nd cousin (I think) and she's like a sister to me. I love her to death and I'm so proud of the way her life has turned out. She married a wonderful, hilarious guy and they are the sweetest things!!

This is Latasha, "Toshi Bug" as Kari calls her. Tosh is Lashei's sister, also a 2nd cousin to the kids. She is like a little sister to me as well and she comes to visit us and babysit the kids when she can. My kids love it when she comes to visit and I do too!! Bless her heart...she watches my kids, cleans my house, and has been known to cook supper too. She's dating a wonderful guy named Jon and I just love him too. If I can just convince them to move up here when they get married....LOL!

This is my mother in law and my mommy! They have been best friends for a long time and they are so funny! They were really "hammin'" in this picture. LOL.

This is my dad, or Pepaw. We don't get to see him much but when we do, it's a treat for the kids!! They love him and he usually has a surprise when he comes.

This is my mom and sister. What in the devil would I do without them? Kari and Malachi absolutely LOVE them and Kari begs to go stay all night at Memaw and Sissy's house all the time. I'm trying to convince them that me and the Lord have discussed it and they need to move here to be with us. :)

This is Aunt Sharon, actually a great aunt to Kari and Malachi. She is a blast to be around and took me and the kids out to eat on Good Friday and we had such a good time with her. I must say that Sharon had a hand in raising me. LOL. :)

These last pictures are of the kids' great grandmother and grandfather, "Nana Opal" and "Papaw Lewless" as Kari calls them. Opal and Lewis are precious to us. They love these babies so much and that means the world to me. :)

I don't have many of my side of the family simply because I don't see them much anymore. Both sets of my grandparents are gone now so my kids will never get to meet them. :(
Also, Kari and Malachi love Uncle Mike and Aunt Sheila, great aunt and uncle to the kids. It's so funny to watch Mike and Sheila with the kids because I can only imagine how spoiled Lashei and Latasha's kids will be. I don't have any pictures to put on here of them but I'll try to get one the next time I see them and add it to this post.
Aunt Carol is the only one that I don't think I have ONE picture of anywhere. The kids probably see Aunt Carol more than I do and I know they have a blast with her. I'll try to get a picture of her on here soon too.

My kids and I are blessed to have all of these people in our lives. I love them so much and I thank God for them on a regular basis. I only wish everyone had it so good. :)

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  1. I like that. Pretty funny about me and Memaw....and you and the Lord discussing us moving up there!!


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