Friday, April 23, 2010

Florida Bound!!!

Folks, it's here. The day has arrived. I'm still at work waiting for 1:30 but at least it IS the day!!!
We're leaving for Florida today. Wow. Me, the kids, my mom and sister will be pulling out around 4:00 and I'm so stinkin' excited. We started planning this trip around the first of January and April seemed so far away. But now this day seems longer than the past four months.

Kari is very excited to go to "Flowida" and see the "osun" and play in the sand on the "beath." When we lived in Texas for 6 months, we went to Galveston Island for vacation for a week. That was Kari's first time at the beach and she was only 8 months old but Malachi hasn't been yet. It's going to be a blast. Please pray for a safe trip!

I'll be posting some pictures hopefully on a daily basis. We'll see how that goes.



  1. Just a few more hours, kid, and we'll be leavin'!!!

  2. Wait for me and Trinity cause were going with y'all! We wish!

  3. I pray that each one of you have a BLAST!!! This is a much needed vacation for ALL of you!

    Walk the beach, scrunch your toes in the sand, let your hair blow in the ocean breeze, throw a frisbee, build a sand castle with the kids, soak up the sun, write your names in the sand, bury each other in the sand, do it ALL, enjoy it ALL & each other!

    I love you!!!...:)

  4. I must admit I'm a little jealous that you are at the beach! I hope you have a wonderful time and take a gazillion pictures so I can live vicariously through you :)


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