Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Post

Here's another really catchy post title. My creativity just really shows itself at times.

Last night the kids and I went to the park again with Aunt Lacey and Uncle Chris. Lacey, Chris and I played tennis and I will say that we all did pretty good! We also played a couple of basketball games using the FULL COURT. Heavens. What a way to exercise.
So, anyway, Kari found a pile of dirt to play in and I'm telling you the truth that the child never uttered a sound the rest of the time we were there. She had so much fun with that little dirt pile and it was so cute to see her all covered in dirt!

Until....she had an accident. Of course there are no bathrooms at this particular park so I guess she thought she didn't have a choice. Honestly, it was so funny and cute that I had to take a picture of it. 10 years from now (or sooner) she will be so mad at me for posting this picture but it's hilarious.

For those of you that have been following my blog, my children laid down last night and went to sleep with no rocking, no driving around, nothing.
So I'm going to the park every night. :)


  1. These are so sweet! No better way to wear a kid out than letting them play outside full force for a few hours! (Oh by the way, I stay behind the camera for a reason! haha)

  2. That picture of Kari is the funniest picture on earth!!!

  3. Oh goodness! Poor Kari! That has cracked me up LOL

    I hope tonight's bedtime goes as easily as that last for you. Chase has been getting up every 2 hours for the past 2 nights, so I'm hoping he goes back to his twice a night routine tonight!

  4. Ash, that picture of Kari makes me wanna cry!! She looks so pitiful!! Uh-Oh, hormones acting up on me---guess my meds aren't working like they're supposed too.....


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