Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stuff People Say

On Tuesdays, it's a given that we go to Fazoli's for 99 cent kids' meals. We picked up our food through the "dwive thu", stopped to get two loaves of bread to feed the quackers with, and headed to the park. Of course, going to the park to EAT of all things when there's about 10 million other things to do at the park....not good for a toddler. I tried several times, in vain, to corral the kids in to eat. Kari, bless her little heart, was pacing back and forth around the picnic table casting glances toward the pond and fountain to make sure the ducks hadn't migrated away from us and looking longingly at the swings. Finally, I figured we weren't accomplishing anything as Malachi has recently decided to force me to teach him to handle a fork/spoon on his own. It's either feed himself or he doesn't eat. That's serious business coming from the baby who will eat ANYTHING, including spiders (ask Gammy or Aunt Lacey that story). I loaded the stroller up with all of our mess (drinks, leftovers, camera, camera case, phone, keys, bread...and oh, yeah. My kids.) and headed to the pond.

Malachi liked eating the bread better than giving it to the ducks. :)

To speed this post up a bit, I pushed the kids in the swings for an hour and Kari did some sliding and climbing. We then decided to go to McDonald's right up the road and grab an ice cream cone and let Kari go to the potty so we didn't repeat the Monday night incident.
For those of you who have numerous children and have been by yourself ANYWHERE with them, you will feel the pain of my next words.

We walked into McDonald's and I took Kari to the potty. The restroom was clear of other customers (thank God) and I was able to let Kari potty, hold Malachi and get our hands washed and dried without incident. I know better than to feel like a "supermom" when stuff like that happens. Because I just know that in the next 10 minutes or less something will happen to completely tear down that assurance that I can handle this "mommy stuff" okay. Getting in line, I was holding Malachi and Kari was telling the guy that we wanted an ice cream cone. I also got a water....and an ice cream cone for me and Malachi to share. Walking over to the beverage machine, I began filling up my water cup but forgot that I was holding Malachi with the same arm that was holding the ice cream cone. He was making a nose dive toward it and was successful. LOL. It was kinda funny and I was trying to laugh in spite of the fact that I now had ice cream all over my shirt and neck and all that. I didn't care....we were playing at the park for heaven's sake. I was attempting to switch hands with the cone and balance the water cup too while all the time watching Kari to be sure she hadn't wondered off to stare at somebody's shoes. Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed I hurriedly grabbed some napkins and began frantically grabbing at cup lids. But then this man looked at me and said (just like this) "You sure have your hands full, Lady." I mean, seriously. Really? It touched a nerve or something and I said something to him that I can't really remember in an attempt to be polite. It was up for debate whether or not to smack him. The kids and I politely made our way to the door. But halfway there, Malachi again took a dive at the ice cream cone with his hands!! Of course, this coincided with "the man" behind us trying to leave as well. He laughed a little bit and said "let me get that door for you." Argh. I wanted to knock him out of my way, honestly. So after he reminded Kari to "walk with mommy away from cars" he got into his truck and left. Leaving me to balance the cones, the cup, Malachi, Kari's hand, and the keys to open the car door with. I mean, really.

On a lighter note, the following picture captures a half piece of bread laying on this duck's back. Kari is responsible for this and when we left the park I'm pretty sure the bread was still on it's back. Me and Kari thought this was so funny.

We also laughed at these ducks. I'm not sure why, but at the same time all the ducks in that little area started turning upside down in the water. They did this for about 10 minutes and it really was funny!!!



  1. Bless your heart! You should see me trying to go somewhere with just one child. I'm a mess! I remember the first time I tried to change Chase's diaper while we were out and it was nearly a disaster!

    Good for you for having such a great attitude and not crying over spilled ice cream :) haha Really, to tackle all that by yourself - that qualifies as supermom in my book!

  2. Ash, I'd say it might be a hormonal thing.....going around, I think. :)


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