Friday, April 13, 2012

All You Need When You Need It

I'm sure by now most of you have heard the news about my mother and father in law (aka Gammy and Pappy, aka our pastor and pastor's wife. They are moving. Not as far away as California but far enough. They are moving to Alabama to pastor a church there. It's a decision that they've wrestled with and prayed about for several months and I know it is with hearts that are torn in two different directions (half in Kentucky, half in Alabama)that they are packing their home up.

To say that I'm devastated about this is definitely an understatement. It's one of those times when I look to God and say, "Seriously?"

I've expressed many times on this blog that I don't know what I would do without having them here. So, yeah. I'm going to be figuring that out rather quickly.

Many of you have asked if the kids and I are moving with them? As much as I would love to, no. For a dozen different reasons, the main reason being that I don't feel like it's God's will right now, we are staying.

Please pray for Bro. David and Sis. Karen as they make this change. It's extremely difficult for them, I know. Pray also for Bro. Chris and Sis. Lacey aka Guncle Chris and Aunt Lacey as they step into the role of pastor and pastor's wife.

Have I mentioned that I'm devastated? And that my van will hate me real soon from all the miles I'll put on it going to Alabama???! And that these puzzle pieces the Lord has given to me this past year aren't fitting together yet? I know we can't see the bigger picture and I get that. Sometimes, I'd just like to see a small section of the bigger picture.

I heard a new song and I have cried every time I've listened to it. Truly, God gives us sufficient grace to get through whatever we're facing. It's always just enough to get us through. How can we seem strong in the midst of all these hard times? Because God's grace is just enough for when we need it. Here's the words to the chorus of the song:

You'll have all you need when you need it
Though for now you just can't see it
When you're ready to receive it, grace will overflow
Put your fear on the altar and leave it
Walk on by faith and believe it
You'll have all you need when you need it, I know

So, another chapter in our life begins. Kari prays for Gammy and Pappy more now than she ever has. Even during her prayer when she was blessing our food tonight she said, "And Lord, we ask that you be with Gammy and Pappy as they travel and move to Alabama." It's on her mind often. Malachi is also trying to figure out just exactly what's going on. He said, "When I get big and mommy and sissy get little, I'll get in our van and leave mommy and sissy here and go see Pappy and Gammy." When we asked him where he would go see them at, he got a puzzled look on his face and said, "Far, far away."

All of the pictures on this post were taken by Ivy on Easter Sunday. She did an awesome job even if Kari didn't want to have her picture taken because she was freezing. Thanks, Ivy!

Malachi's birthday party was this past Saturday. It was a blast and I hope to have pictures up soon!

Thanks for your support and prayers! We love you much! :)


  1. I feel for you guys, Ashley :/ So sorry. Change is very tough but I know God will give you peace & strength. You're already so incredibly strong! By the way, you will have to take the kids to Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, they would probably love it!! The mall there also has a HUGE carousel inside that was really fun. Beautiful pictures of your babies!
    Love + prayers
    Lacey Smith

  2. P.S. Noccalula Falls isn't just a waterfall by the's a petting zoo, train ride, playground, mini golf & pioneer village! At Christmastime it's all lit up & pretty. I think it would be somewhere fun to go when you visit!

  3. You CANNOT go to Alabama!!! Lol. Them moving is hard on us. I cannot even being to imagine what youre feeling!

  4. Oh the comments I could make to this post! Good job, DIL. Actually Ashlee asked me to do the post announcing our leaving but . . . . .I could not. I cannot open this volcano of emotions that I am feeling for fear that I would never get it back in control. I am thankful for
    God. I have really had to lean on Him lately and I expect (if He could get tired) I will wear Him out because I'm sure He will have to carry me before this is over. Thanks for the many kind words and prayers. The greatest testimony to us (if we have made any positive effect on your lives) is to Get Behind Chris and Lacey and Go For God!!!!!!!! I will leave it at that, glad you can only read my words and not my heart. Who knows? Maybe I will become a blogger and start my own blog when I get down there. Now, what would a good name for it be???
    Karen (aka MIL, Gami, Pastor's wife)

  5. OMW!!! I can't stand this, I didn't get to see them enough with them 1 1/2 hours away...much less 6 hours or however many it is!! But God must have a big plan that we cannot see right now!! have made me cry(as usual)! You have such a way with words girl! I love you all so much N my prayers with be with you all, as always!

    Love you guys~

  6. Well,I don't like the fact Bro.David and Sis.Karen will no longer be in Danville when we come to visit, but I do like that fact that the 5 1/2 hr trip to our home away from home will be made much easier! I am feeling mixed emotions here! Sis. Karen, I vote YES to Alabama bogging!! Note-I love the kids pics!!

  7. I know it's coming....and soon....but I refuse to think about it. Wwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  8. All I can say is MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY.....

  9. Well, I love the pictures of the children! I am also sad about Bro. David and Sis. Karen leaving....but what an "inheritance" (Bro. David's message) It is wonderful to have family who are working for God and leaving such a legacy! You guys are blessed! Sis. Karen should def blog in Alabama!!

  10. Wow and wow!!! Don't ya just love change????

  11. I was just thinking tonite that I'm very glad my sis isn't leaving me again.....especially since I'm just now starting to like her again since she's come back from Texas.....:) I am gonna miss Karen and Dave, though, cuz they've been like my second family for years now...ever since the youth group!! :(

  12. Wow, Ashlee! What a terrible blow, I'm sure. I know that David and Karen are just trying to do what they feel is the Lord's will. I know that they must have wrestled with this long and hard. My prayers are with them during this time of change. As always my prayers are with you and the kids. The pics are great! I so look forward to your blogs and seeing the pics of the kids. They are such adorable kids. You should be PROUD! May God Bless You, All!

  13. You for sure have a way with words of your own and of the Lord. Your children are so beautiful.The photos are so darling. I enjoy your blogs. Your a wonderful christian lady.

  14. I enjoyed the wee prayer from your daughter and remark from your wee trooper son.

    Far, far away. What interesting little babes you have. They sure get my attention and so smart for their ages.


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