Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Build A Bear!

Well, I'm back to the blogging world! My computer has decided (thanks to Jess) that it wants to work again. I'm not sure how long it will last, honestly. A new computer is in our future but I'm not particularly fond of spending $500 at once for a piece of technology. Since making the decision to homeschool Kari this fall I've been shopping around for a good deal. But until I find it...old Mable will have to do. (Mable is what I named our computer. And, yes, it's weird that I named our computer but the name fits)

Thank you Bro. Davy and Gammy for guest blogging for me! I had more comments on your posts then I've had on mine in a long time! Bro. Davy, when I read your post to Kari she said this, "Awww, he's so sweet. Ain't he, mommy?" LOL!!

So, we had clinic yesterday.

Kari's doing great right now. Her counts are good, her color is good, her overall status is good. I'm so thankful to be able to say that because a month ago, I was pretty worried about her. Interim Maintenance II (which we went through during January and February) wasn't very good to her it didn't seem. But thank God, she is doing great now!

Our life has picked up speed just a tad over the past few weeks. I'm doing some side jobs to supplement my income. The Lord provided a way for me to make some extra money while taking my kids with me. It's an answer to prayer! HOWEVER...Kari and Malachi are struggling to adjust to their "work schedule". But they understand that in order for mommy to be home with them, it has to be this way! Every time I feel a complaint rising to my lips (working with two children is interesting), I quickly rebuke it. It is TRULY an answer to prayer that I can work some and still have my kids with me! And that's the reason I decided to give my kids an allowance. I feel that they have to endure the days with me and they truly deserve an incentive for being so good!

They have been saving their allowance to visit Build A Bear. To say they love that place is like saying I LIKE shopping. Kari is obssessed with going there. So, they had saved $60 and had a $10 gift card. Clinic went very fast as both kids were anxious to head to the mall.

Apparently this week is spring break for the majority of Kentucky schools judging from how crowded the mall was. Oh. My. Word. Build A Bear was quite chaotic but Kari and Malachi didn't dare let that stop them. They waded into the madness and made some new friends while they were at it. Kari seems to be magnetic when it comes to other kids. She literally makes friends EVERYWHERE. It thrills this mommy's heart! Malachi, of course, follows Kari's lead so he makes friends right along with her.

A few weeks ago, after Aunt Ellie's funeral, we stopped by Children's Place in Dayton to look around. While Kari was trying on clothes there, a lady walked up and asked if we were Ashley and Kari. I was like....uh, yeah?! She proceeded to tell me that she followed my blog and was praying for us! WOW!!! I can't remember your name, but thank you for that! It was an encouragement to hear!

I want to say thank you for your support and prayers. God has truly been good to us and I know your prayers have kept us going the past 9 months. Just 3 months from now will mark the one year anniversary that Kari was diagnosed. What a journey we've been on!!! Not only with Kari's leukemia, but many other things as well. It's an encouragement to look back and see how faithful God has been to us and to know that He will continue to be!

Not to sound totally weird here, but please take the time to cherish your children and the time you have with them. None of us are exempt from the hard things in life...don't take it for granted that you have them by your side. Our world totally stood still on July 8th, 2011. I remember staring out the hospital window watching cars go by, people laughing and talking outside, while our lives were halted inside those hospital walls. A career, a nice house, big vacations, everything that represents a "normal" life...those things meant nothing to me after that day. Having Jesus in the center of my life and my children around me means everything. I may never have anything in the eyes of the world, but I want to raise my children in the fear and the admonition of the Lord. I want to raise them to love God and the things of God. I want to focus on working for the Lord and serving Him in every way. Not saying you can't have a career, a nice house and big vacations and serve the Lord...just saying that for me, this is the path God has chosen for me and my children. And I'll gladly walk on this path as long as He's leading the way!

We love you!!!


  1. Ok - Several things:

    1) I miss you!

    2) I love Kari's headband! And look at that hair!!!

    3) She and Malachi look like twins. Seriously.

    4) I miss you! Oh did I already say that? Well, it's worth saying twice :)

  2. Love the pics of the kids looks like they had a blast a build a bear :) You're a great Mommy to your kids Ashlee!!!! Just wanted to remind you of that fact! Kari & Malachi are so blessed to be your children!

  3. Dear Ashlee,
    you don't know me, but i'm friends with the boggs family. i've been reading your blog since last july when i saw a post about kari on the boggs blogs. ive been praying for yall! im so glad kari is doing better!! your kids are so cute! anyways you seem like such a sweet person! i hope to one day meet you, but if not one day on earth then some sweet day in glory!! may God bless you greatly!!

    Adriene B.

  4. It's about time you update!!! I have sooo been missing it! :) Looks like a funn funn time at build a bear!! The smile on those kids faces are surely priceless!! I hope to be seeing you soon soon!!

  5. Umm... WOW! I love this post! You truly are an awesome person! (I'm on my phone commenting and my spell check wrote, "You truly ATE an awesome person!" lol!

  6. Am I a bad mom if I have never taken my kids to "Build A Bear"? I am such a control freak that I would have a hard time letting them do everything by themselves. It's kind of like dying eggs. I totally start to have panic attacks when their eggs come out brown when I would have had such a prettier egg! lol

  7. Lol, Amy! You don't have a choice in build a bear! It's maddening but after the 3rd trip u get used to it! :)

  8. You are amazing, seriously! And your babes are beautiful! So glad that Kari is doing well, she's a doll!

  9. You really are a wonderful blessed mother with beautiful blessed children and I so very thankfull of the awesome God we serve. Still praying for you and your sweet babys. The pictures are great. I'm thanksful life is getting better. I heard someone say that when God gives you an unheathy child it just means He could trust you more that the rest of us. If this is true, It sure looks like God put his trust in the right mommy. God Bless Ms Ashlee


  10. Love you all so much!!


  11. Ashley,
    As always you astonish me with your courage and strength. Your testimony of the faithfulness of God in your hard times is such a witness! I love you and the kids and hope that you had a great Easter! We miss you here!
    Love you!
    Lorie M.


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