Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alabama & Stuff

I'm sorry I kinda left you all hanging the other day with Jess's post.  Last week was a whirlwind of activity and we kinda neglected the blog.  I know.  Shocker! 

We were sent to Birmingham Children's when Kari's fever reached 103.  For those of you that know anything about Leukemia kids, that's very dangerous considering the local hospital in Gadsden let us sit in the waiting room for almost AN HOUR with that kind of fever.  Seriously.  When I got UK on the phone with the hospital, they got the ball rolling so I didn't have to tear someone's head off.  I think Kari's nurse coordinator did that for me.  Oh, how I love UK Children's Hospital.

If that wasn't bad enough, the nurse came in to access Kari's port and she didn't set up her sterile field, didn't put gloves on, nothing.  Just started cleaning the area around the port.  I stopped and questioned her which kinda made her mad.  Then when she started setting up her sterile field she got a huge port needle out and I asked what size it was.  They hadn't even asked me what size Kari needed.  It was 1 1/2 inch needle and Kari needs a 3/4.  Can we say, OHMYWORD???!!!

So, I conferred quickly with the doctor and, since they were already sending us to Birmingham, asked if we could do everything there.  I knew they would repeat everything anyway.  I was relieved when we finally got on the ambulance to head to Birmingham.  It was scary going to an unfamiliar hospital but it had to be better than being around people who had no clue what they were doing.  We gave Kari Tylenol and her fever came down.  By the time we got there, she was talking 100 mph and back to her usual self. 

After checking counts and doing the various tests that they do, UK finally gave them the OK to send us home instead of the 24 hour stay that they originally ordered.  We were so thankful and I know God moved!!!  Thanks for all your prayers!!!  Thanks to all of the Alabama natives who were poised and ready to come visit us at the hospital!  It made my heart smile. 

The rest of our trip was a blast!!  Here are some pictures of our pontoon ride at Frank and Barbara's house.  They live on a lake and it's probably one of the most beautiful areas to live that I've ever seen. 

Followed by a trip to Noccalula Falls!  

This was a very fun place!  I had been a few times but never stayed long enough to go through the park.  The train is wonderful too because you get a nice sit down break that your kids don't mind.  :)

Gadsden also has a great mall.  Kari and I are in love.  The mall itself makes me want to be in Gadsden.  Ha ha!!  Kari and Malachi loved this fountain.  Malachi wasn't as thrilled with the shopping part as he was with the indoor carousel and kiddie rides.  I will post pictures of that when Gammy remembers to send them to me.  :) 

So, altogether, our trip to Gadsden was a blast.  We are all anxious to go visit again!

Last night, the kids and I traveled to church in Brooks, KY to be with Davy, Kelly Jo, and Odie!  We had a wonderful service and wonderful fellowship after! Odie, I love you and it was so good to hug your neck after two years of not seeing you!  Kelly, I think you get more beautiful with age! Davy, I enjoyed the service tremendously!  You all are certainly called of God!  Thanks, Boggs clan, for everything!  We love you all more than we can say!  If we got to see you more often, maybe my kids wouldn't be as....ummm, wild. 



  1. I miss your face!! We need to plan a eating/shopping excursion SOON!

  2. Ashlee Kari and Malachi thanks for coming to be in service with us!! I too a. Glad we finally got to a real hug after two years. Love you bunches!!


  3. So glad she is better! I was worried about y'all when I read the blog. Still hoping we get to "meet" someday! :)

  4. So good to hear from you. I was so worried you had lost your blog burden! Lol I went to Calvary Holiness for many years. I have lots of friends there. Glad Kari is ok now.


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