Monday, May 21, 2012

The Honored Hero 2012

I think I mentioned a few months ago that Kari was chosen to be part of a very special event this year.  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's 2012 campaign for their Light The Night walk will be led by Kari!  We have been asked to be part of some luncheons, meetings, and other events that recruit funding for LLS.  This past thursday, we were invited to a breakfast meeting at THE DOWNTOWN LEXINGTON HILTON HOTEL.  I mean, seriously. 

Three things about this:

1.  I teach my children manners and such and they remember the majority of them most of the time.  Sometimes they don't.  I don't like to test such things at places  like the HILTON with executives and big wigs of all types present.  Kari usually does very well at things like that while Malachi tends to not know the difference in the HILTON and the playground at the park.

2. I had to speak.  As in get in front of these people and say stuff about our leukemia journey.

3. We had to be in Lexington ready to meet and greet and take pictures and all that by 7:00.  Which  meant I had to leave my house by 5:30 AM.

I found my way downtown and into the hotel where I was totally intimidated by the "uppity-ness" of it all.  When we arrived, they presented Malachi and Kari with gifts and seated us at the beautifully decorated tables where Malachi proceeded to cover himself up with the linen tablecloth and say, "Mommy, I'm seepy.  I wanna go to seep" and almost pulled the tablecloth off the table. 

However, after they brought plates of eggs, bacon, biscuits, and hashbrowns, Malachi was perfectly content.  Kari sat in her seat with her hands folded in her lap and a smile on her face the entire time.  The perfect princess, if you will.  When the photographer asked her to take pictures with various people that were attending the event, she would smile and go stand beside them and smile her "cinderella" smile.  I was so proud of her!  When it was our turn to speak, someone sat with Malachi and Kari stood with me in front of the podium.  The crowd responded well to us and I hope we get lots of support in terms of corporate funding for LLS! 

I walked away a proud mommy that day!  My courageous daughter and my son who decided to behave nicely for a few hours!  :)


  1. You have tickled me to death talking about Malachi. I laughed so hard! I can so see Chase about pulling the tablecloth off! I'm so proud of you all and especially Kari!

  2. You have a lot to be proud of! And don't forget yourself in that realm of proudness, because you really do AMAZE me! You have beautiful children, glad to see that Kari is doing so well, she is such a brave little beauty!

  3. Titus would have loved to have gone with you. He would have gladly assisted Malachi with the tablecloth.

  4. I love reading your post. I check every morning for new adventures to get my day started. Glad you all had a great time helping with the LLS fundraiser. What beautiful children and wonderful mother!!!

  5. God has richly blessed our family this past year....thank you for faithfully reminding us that He is a Big, Good, on time God. I am so proud of you and your precious kids! Love you much!

  6. I'm so glad you guys had a good time at the Hilton--maybe we'll get to stay there one day...:) And I love those chillen!! What character they have(which, by the way, I do believe you've always said you wanted your children to have!!)!! :) I was reading your text tonite about how Malachi fell asleep outside your bathroom door, waiting for you to get out of the shower, and Mom was telling me about how Kari said it was "pitiful" that you wouldn't let Malachi have his "yiyi". Those kids can be so very sweet sometimes!! :) But, only sometimes. Sometimes they are rotted and mean. :) Like their momma. :) Nite, love you "fellers"!!

  7. Love to follow your blogs. Your a wonderful Mother and your children are beautiful like their Mom.

    One an honour for your Princess!

    Love you all.

    Carol from Canada

  8. Love all the pics. Kari IS certaintly a hero. She's a brave little girl! And she's got a pretty awesome Mommy!!!! And Malachi, well, sounds just like a typical boy to me (lol) :)

  9. Miss Precious and Mr. Booger! :) I love and miss you all!

  10. Aww!! how sweet! Congrats to you and the kids!!
    Love y'all and praying for ya!!!



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