Sunday, January 23, 2011

Answered Prayer

First, a little clarification:

When Matthew got saved in October he was driving a semi for a cattle hauling company. When we made the decision to get back together we also prayed about him quitting the trucking company because he was gone 5 days a week. When you're trying to put your home back together and get closer to God, that's not a good idea. So we prayed and told God that if we had to live on my income only that we would be willing to do it if He would only work a miracle in our lives. And that's exactly what God did for us. Matthew was making close to $1000 a week and it was a hard decision but it has been worth it to pinch pennies all this time.

So....all this time that Matthew's been back home we have been living off of my income only while we waited on God to send Matthew a job. When I've said we're praying for God to send Matthew a good job so that I can be home with the babies, it was a prayer for God to send him a job PERIOD. We're already living off of one income so we know it's possible for me to be at home if only God would send Matthew a job!

The good news is that Matthew got a job today!!! He had called about the job yesterday morning and the man told him that there was another guy that had taken the job but if something didn't work out he would call us. The same old story we have heard for almost 3 months. Then during Sunday school this morning the guy called and left a voice mail saying that the other guy didn't work out and would Matthew be interested in starting first thing Monday morning!

Uh, yeah??? Of course he was interested! The job isn't something we're sure we would want to depend on if I stayed home because part of the salary is commission-based. But the Lord is moving and I know He will continue to work everything out!

Thank you all for the encouraging words! God is faithful when we're in the center of God's will....and sometimes even when we veer off of the center, He's still faithful. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it!!


  1. I am THRILLED for you! I will keep praying for a stable income so you to stay home with those babes, but regardless, this is GREAT NEWS! Praise God!!

  2. Praise God! Another step in God's plan.
    Davy & Kelly

  3. Praise the Lord above. He is a just on time God. He knows our needs and even throws a little handful on purpose to us sometimes. PTL.....

  4. That's awesome! I pray everything works out!


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