Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Does God Say About It?

So, I've been thinking about God's will in some areas of my life. Sometimes when I'm praying about God's will, I have to be sure it's HIS will and not MY will. It's so easy to be so set on something that you miss God's will entirely because your will gets in His way.

All of you know that Matthew and I have really been praying for God to send Matthew a good job so that I can stay home with the babies. It's been my greatest desire since I found out I was expecting Kari.

Matthew and I were talking a few nights ago about the situation and I asked the question "What if it's not God's will for me to stay at home?" To which Matthew replied "The Bible says it is." I put my nose in the bible for a while before bedtime and I found some interesting things concerning God's will for wives and mothers.

Titus 2:4-5
That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

God's desire for a wife and mother is that her attention and devotion be focused on her family. Her relationship with the Lord, her home, husband and children should be the center of her affection and world.

Heavens!! How can your home, husband and children be the center of your world when you have to be concerned with a stressful job and a career-driven atmosphere? It's not possible. There are days when I come home that my mind is so boggled from work that I can't truly give my attention and affection to my family. Within 3 hours of being home from work I'm ready to drop in the bed. That's definitely not God's will!

My study also said this:
Mothers who desire to fulfill the plan of God but because of economic hardship must seek employment away from home should commit their circumstances to the Lord while praying for Him to make a way for her to fulfill her God-given responsibilities.

Here's what it said about a woman's God-given responsibilities:

1. Caring for the children God has entrusted to her as a service for the Lord
2. Being a helper and faithful companion to her husband
3. Helping the father train the children in godly character and practical life skills

Proverbs 10:24
...the desire of the righteous shall be granted.

I hate to be calling myself righteous but I am a saved, blood-bought child of God. Therefore in God's eyes, I am righteous. I'm believing that He will give our family the desires of our hearts!!! He's already peformed one GREAT and AWESOME miracle for us and I know that He can surely perform another.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are being lazy around the house today and enjoying every minute of it! :)


  1. I know that our God will make a way. I'm praying that you can stay home so you can be a great wife and mother but mostly so that we can go shopping! Ha!

  2. I remember being totally distraught at the thought of going back to work after having Chase, but economically we had no choice. Thankfully, God did provide a way for me to be home with Chase while also working. He answered such a big prayer for me in that. While I would love to not have to worry about work while I'm home with him, I still count my blessings to have such a great situation where I don't miss out on him but still have the income that we need.

    I will be praying that God makes a way for you to be home with your babies. I know He can do it!

  3. Amen!

    When I wanted to quit work, we figured we would be .35 cents in the black every month if I did. But God had convicted me and shown me that He wanted me at home, so we took the plunge and He provided every step of the way. It's no always easy, but there's no greater peace than knowing you're in His perfect will.

    Can't wait to hear how He works it out for you, 'cause there's no doubt He is going to.

    p.s. Love the pic of you and Matt-you have beautiful hair!

  4. Sounds like you have thought it through very well. God bless you for being willing to consider what God has to say about it. Don't be surprised if some are less than enthusiastic about the things you have written. What you have said brings a lot of condemnation on some that refuse to live a lower lifestyle. 

    Because that is what it comes down to. With one income you must be willing to adjust your spending habits. You can't have everything you want or go every where you want or eat any where you want. 

    You have to hate debt like the plague. Some folks would be shocked how much money they would have if they got to keep it all instead of giving it to creditors. They could give more and still have money left over if they didn't have to pay on all the things they couldn't live without. 

    We have paid cash for a bunch of used cars and drove them till they died, went home when everybody else went out to eat, lived on a very small grocery budget and walked away from some "incredible" deals on STUFF we really wanted. But we made it and we had money to give to the church, missions, evangelists and individuals. 

    It really takes some hard choices but the results are worth it. Kill your debt, control your spending, keep the right attitude before God and before you know it you will be right in the center of God's will. BE PATIENT and God will help you. We don't get in these predicaments over night so lets not get frustrated if we don't get out of it instantly. It may take a while but you will get there. 
    God bless you all. 

    Davy & Kelly Jo

  5. Bro. Davey you took words right out of my mouth except I couldn't have said them quite as good I would have messed it all up. I am praying for you Ashlee and Matthew God knows your every need and He knows your every desire sometimes the waiting is the hardest part. I love you both so much. Mom


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